Expectant couples join during pregnancy. 3 Hours in total.


  • An awe-inspiring perspective on how pregnancy, birth and the first 4 months impact on your baby’s sensory, brain, and muscular development.
  • Comprehensive information on the developmental purpose of the natural birth process.
  • Practical tools: you will learn a basic massage routine and BabyGym exercises to support your newborn’s feeding, digestion and sleeping, as well as effective ways to combat colic and reflux.

Mom / dad and baby are welcome to join BabyGym 2 when baby is 6 weeks and older. The BabyGym 2 programme is ideal for the parent on maternity/paternity leave!

This programme includes a 1-hour class, once a week, for 5 consecutive weeks.


  • Learn to massage your baby from top to toe, to relax your baby, bond with your baby, stimulate the sense of touch, and calm your baby’s nervous system.
  • Learn to wake up your baby’s senses according to the natural sequence of sensory development: touch, (the sense of) movement and balance, smell, taste, hearing and sight.
  • Learn how to make tummy time fun, and strengthen your little one’s muscles so that when your baby is awake – he or she wants to move!

BabyGym 2 equips your little one to move, explore, build strength and refine skills. BabyGym 2 is the best preparation for reaching those big motor milestones!

On completion of BabyGym 2: Firm Foundations your baby will be ready to progress to BabyGym 3: Advanced Sessions. BabyGym 3 classes are attended as baby nears the relevant milestone:

  • Sitting
  • Crawling
  • Standing, Cruising and Walking
  • Emotional and Social Development, and
  • Cognitive Development

If you will be returning to work after maternity / paternity leave we strongly advise that you bring baby’s caregiver to class with you, or book a spot at ‘Friends of BabyGym’ Training.

  • Nicole Tobias, Edenvale
    We absolutely loved our BabyGym experience. So grateful for the beautiful classes and loved the gorgeous and ridiculously cute graduation! I appreciate how easy it is to implement all the exercises at home, and my baby girl loves them all. I also love that her big sister can get involved with some of them. My only regret is that I did'n't know about BabyGym when she was little.
    Nicole Tobias, Edenvale
  • Marleen Gudmanz, Garsfontein
    Christine, you are absolutely amazing! We felt welcome and 'safe' in your classes from the very first day. Since starting BabyGym my baby and I have gotten to know one another better, we do more together, and we are working towards reaching his milestones in a fun way. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you, and for sharing your passion with us. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and their young babies. Baby Ethan also says thank you, he especially loves his BabyGym visual stimulation glove with all the colorful ribbons. Step by step, we continue to build Ethan’s brain!
    Marleen Gudmanz, Garsfontein
  • Santie Wharam, Alberton
    “I would like to congratulate you on Karen, she is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. She made so much effort to make us feel welcome and she took the most gorgeous photos of my baby during the classes. My baby and I enjoyed the BabyGym classes thoroughly and I will gladly refer any of my friends and family to Karen."
    Santie Wharam, Alberton
  • Danel Reynders, Polokwane
    “Rika is the best, all 3 my babies did BabyGym with her. Her knowledge and passion is amazing. BabyGym with Rika is awesome!”
    Danel Reynders, Polokwane
  • Susan Botha, Montana
    Our little guy was born prematurely and spent some time in the NICU. Bloods were often drawn from his feet which made him very sensitive to touch. After only a few repetitions of the BabyGym massage, I noticed he started to respond favorably to touch. Now he is no longer tactile defensive! Thank you Lorika for a caring and informative experience.
    Susan Botha, Montana
  • Angie Venter, Tzaneen
    Liewe BabaGim Instrukeur, hiermee wil ek jou bedank vir die wonderlike tyd wat ons by BabaGim gehad het. Dit was 'n kwaliteit ervaring saam my seuntjie Louis, ek en hy het dit vreeslik geniet! Dankie vir jou professionele diens en vriendelikheid. Ek het nooit geweet hoe belangrik dit is om van vroeg af jou baba se sintuie te stimuleer en dat dit die brein ontwikkel nie! Ek sal verseker toekomstige mammas na BabaGim verwys om die kennis op te doen wat ek by BabaGim opgedoen het. Jy het ons geleer om Louis te masseer en hy geniet dit vreeslik baie, hy ontspan en hy slaap sommer baie beter na 'n massering! Nou weet ek, ek en my baba is op die regte pad. Ons sien jou binnekort vir BabaGim 3 en ons sien vreeslik uit!
    Angie Venter, Tzaneen
  • Linda Koekemoer, Hermanus
    I had such a pleasant experience. Liezl was super friendly and very understanding when my baby was difficult. I learnt so much from these classes, I would definitely recommend it to every new and second/third time mom.
    Linda Koekemoer, Hermanus
  • Nolene Greeff, Centurion
    The BabyGym programme has been by the far the greatest experience with my baby girl. Thank you, this was an incredible 5 weeks, I wish I could be part of this BabyGym support / information group every week. Rentia, you are the best!
    Nolene Greeff, Centurion
  • Michelle Page, Stellenbosch
    “Really enjoyed BabyGym with Anneri! Makes playtime at home much more fun!”
    Michelle Page, Stellenbosch
  • Liesl Owen, Fourways
    BabyGym is such a great programme to attend with your baby. My baby, Reese, and I just loved our sessions with Kerry. The Firm Foundation course (5 weeks) was informative and provided a perfect base to assist my baby in developing. The exercises are easy and fun. The massaging, especially, is such a useful technique to learn because it soothes your baby and it is great for bonding. I am now aware of all the areas I need to focus on. For example, tummy time, core work, rubbing baby’s ears to ‘switch them on and off’, creating body awareness and movement, movement, movement. If I see a swing, I put my baby in it to swing! The course has come full circle now that we have completed the follow-up crawling and walking classes. I might not be able to do all the exercises we were taught every day, but even if we just do a few, it is still okay and I know it is good for my baby. I think the programme and instructors are wonderful and with their help I know I am building a great brain for my baby! Attending BabyGym was one of the best things I could have done for my baby.
    Liesl Owen, Fourways
  • Chrisna Matthee, Eversdal
    Die BabaGim klassies was so interessant en leersaam! My dogtertjie het so baie ontwikkel in die 5 weke by BabaGim. Sy het begin deurslaap in die aande en begin rol. Dit is so 'n fantastiese ervaring vir 'n ouer as jou kind haar mylpale bereik, ongeag hoe klein. Madeleine is 'n uitstekende BabaGim Instrukteur en sy geniet wat sy doen. Sy kon haar eie ervaring met haar kinders gebruik en dit op die BabaGim inhoud prakties toepas. Dankie BabaGim!
    Chrisna Matthee, Eversdal
  • Annalize Smit, Belville
    The BabyGym® exercises are very enjoyable, practical and make playtime so much more fun for mommy, daddy and baby.
    Annalize Smit, Belville
  • Wendy Erasmus, Sandton
    I thoroughly enjoyed attending these classes given by Joanne - she is really wonderful. I definitely feel that I gained a lot of knowledge and insight on how my baby is/should be developing and what to do to help in a fun way. Joanne also emphasised the fact that all babies develop at their own pace and each milestone should be reached properly and practiced before moving on to the next one. The 5 weeks of BabyGym went by too quickly - a really lovely experience overall.
    Wendy Erasmus, Sandton
  • Rianca, Johan & Elri de Klerk
    As 'n ma wil jy net die beste vir jou kind gee en toe ons baba dogtertjie op amper 7 maande nog nie omrol nie en geen gewig op haar bene wou dra nie was ek bekommerd. Ek het geweet ek sal iets moet doen! Ek het gehoor van BabaGim by 'n opedag van Genesis Clinic en geweet dit is die beste opsie vir ons. Ons het die klasse begin bywoon en met die huiswerk oefeninge byna dadelik 'n verskil gesien. Elri het haar mylpale sommer gou begin bereik! Sy het 1 dag na sy ses maande oud geword het begin sit, op 9 maande begin kruip en 3 weke na haar eerste verjaarsdag geloop. Ek is baie bly ons het BabaGim gedoen, dit het 'n groot verskil gemaak!
    Rianca, Johan & Elri de Klerk
  • Kirsten Dauncey, Fourways
    The information I have learnt through taking part in BabyGym is invaluable. There are reasons for even the smallest and seemingly inconsequential milestones our little miracles reach on a daily basis. Overlooking these achievements or negating the importance of them certainly does not add to the development of our babies. Embracing certain simple techniques by understanding the body ingenious way of growing and developing has certainly given me peace of mind in knowing that I have given my special Blair an advantage in a scary start to life!  
    Kirsten Dauncey, Fourways
  • Werner and Jeneke Marx, Germiston
    Your BabyGym® advice and insight has definitely had an impact on us as parents and on Kaley. Applying the principles we learned during the BabyGym classes we can definitely see the positive results thereof on Kaley's intellectual and physical development.
    Werner and Jeneke Marx, Germiston
  • Charlean Louw, Stellenbosch
    "Anneri is so thorough and passionate about what she is imparting on us. She is absolutely fantastic at what she does. Even my baby as small as he is was eye locked on her and he loved her voice. Everything about her way of executing the class from explaining to demonstrating to interaction etc is phenomenal. I learnt so much. She makes you feel like you have made a friend in her. Joshua and I will definitely miss our classes with her. Thank you for the most fun experience of bonding and learning!
    Charlean Louw, Stellenbosch
  • Alysha Van Rensburg, George
    "Joanie was very friendly and accommodating, she made everyone feel welcome. I was impressed that she made the effort to know our names from the very first class. The BabyGym classes are informative and well structured. I loved the fact that you learn new ways and activities to bond with your baby - which are not only fun but also developmentally sound. Eliana and I thoroughly enjoyed the BabyGym experience, and continue to do so every day at home!"
    Alysha Van Rensburg, George
  • Lorraine van Niekerk, Nelspruit
    In 2009 I attended antenatal classes and became friends with 2 ladies in the same class, all 3 of our babies were due in December 2009 but all 3 of us are educators and now that having a baby in January instead of in December is preferable, we were keeping our legs crossed! But it turned out all 3 of us had our babies very late in December. So needless to say we did BabyGym with the 3 December babies, and we really repeated all the exercises as much as possible and we had a BabyGym session once a week until we had to go back to work. Throughout the years we remained friends, our babies progressed together through sitting, crawling, teething, walking, talking and potty training and although we have all moved away we still share precious moments once or twice a week. Tomorrow, 14 January 2015, all three of them are going to Grade R. All three of them will be the youngest in their classes... But they are ready and I can't help to think that it must have been BabyGym!
    Lorraine van Niekerk, Nelspruit
  • Hermanus
    “Liezl was a pleasure to spend time with. Her passion for BabyGym is contagious and she shares her knowledge and personal experience generously. I feel that it enhanced my engagement with my baby - and I am a second time mom! Thank you!”
  • Nelspruit
    “Sanett made the whole BabyGym experience a lot of fun and very memorable for us. Thoroughly enjoyed out time together!”
  • Nekita Delport, Alberton
    “I truly enjoyed the BabyGym course. It was very informative, my husband and I learned a lot to move forward with massage and exercises with our 9 week old. We can already see the development in our little one!”
    Nekita Delport, Alberton
  • Tracy Kaldenberg, Richards Bay
    "We had fun learning new things to help my baby develop in the best possible way."
    Tracy Kaldenberg, Richards Bay
  • Juanita Jacobs, Durbanville Hills
    Charlotte se passie vir BabaGim is aansteeklik!
    Juanita Jacobs, Durbanville Hills
  • Corinne Salzwedel, East London
    “I just wanted to share about my twin boys and massage. With two babies it is pretty difficult to massage due to time constraints, actually it is crazy as I am sometimes on my own! So I have been massaging them, but in bits and pieces every day before their bath for the last month. We were at the Paediatrician this week and he was amazed at how well they are growing, but mainly developing. Remembering, that they were born via C-section and at 36 weeks. They are very alert and are on track developmentally for 3 months and have great head control. They are also sleeping incredibly well. I put them to bed between 6pm and 7pm every night and they are only waking up again for a feed between 3am and 4am in the morning! The Paediatrician could not believe this and it literally had him gobsmacked. He said it is unheard of for a baby so young to sleep so well, for so long. I make sure I do the full body outline and massage the ears every night and then I choose two or three other areas to massage each night. So by the end of the week I have completed the whole of the BabyGym massage. They are pretty good babies and we are super blessed, but I am confident that the massage is the game changer. I know it is probably not ideal, but it is all I can manage at this point. They really do enjoy the massage and it enables me to spend one on one bonding time with each of them.”
    Corinne Salzwedel, East London
  • Minke du Preez, Potchefstroom
    As a first time mom I found the BabyGym classes to be an amazing experience! I learned so much and gained so much knowledge on how to play and develop my baby. BabyGym is an investment – for both mom and baby. The classes also create a community of new mommies – a great bonus!
    Minke du Preez, Potchefstroom
  • Elandi Scheepers, Linden
    “We had so much fun at BabyGym! It really is valuable to know what kind of exercises to do with my baby... no more worrying about whether he is stimulated enough... BabyGym helped us both to grow and learn!”
    Elandi Scheepers, Linden
  • Kelly van Vuuren, Pietermaritzburg
    My daughter and I absolutely loved BabyGym. It exceeded my expectations completely - not only learning activities to do with baby at home but also the reason why we do these activities and how it will help to develop my little one to her fullest potential. Our BabyGym Instructor was amazing!! And 5 weeks was not enough! I wish it was longer.
    Kelly van Vuuren, Pietermaritzburg
  • Renee Ekerold, Pietermaritzburg
    Our BabyGym Instructor was awesome to "work" with and such a pleasant and helpful person! I would highly recommend BabyGym with her to all my friends.
    Renee Ekerold, Pietermaritzburg
  • Cathy Coetzee, Bothaville
    Ek wil net graag dankie sê vir hierdie wonderlike program en ook aan ons Instrukteur wat die klasse puik aangebied het! Sy was so liefdevol en het ons ongelooflik baie gehelp. Ek het oor die 5 weke so groot verandering in my seun gesien en nou 2 weke later rol hy om van sy rug na sy maag en sit met min ondersteuning! Vandag is my 5 weke prematuur-babatjie al 5 maande oud en bereik al sy mylpale sonder enige probleme. So trots en so dankbaar vir die program! Baie dankie vir BabaGim, ek beveel jul vir almal aan!
    Cathy Coetzee, Bothaville
  • Cindy Jones, City Bowl
    Absolutely enjoyed attending BabyGym with my little one, he is developing well. The development we see in him is beyond other kids his age as this I attribute to the activities and skills taught at BabyGym. Thank you
    Cindy Jones, City Bowl
  • Magriet Barnard, Potchefstroom
    "Thank you so much Lelani! BabyGym meant so much to me and to Milea. Everyday is filled with activities now, and I enjoy this little baby even more. Lelani, you are a very special person! I feel blessed to have been able to do BabyGym!"
    Magriet Barnard, Potchefstroom
  • Marilu van Zyl, Roodepoort
    Marsoné is 'n engel-mens! Sy was sooo vriendelik en haar geduld, liefde en kennis is ongelooflik. Ons is skoon hartseer daaroor dat die 5 weke so vinnig verby is!
    Marilu van Zyl, Roodepoort
  • Linda Swanepoel, Stellenbosch
    "Overall excellent! I love BabyGym and I love Anneri!"
    Linda Swanepoel, Stellenbosch
  • Sandra McLaren, Garsfontein
    “Our instructor, Christine, was spectacular! She gave us so much insight and answered all our questions. She is always willing to help, she goes over and beyond our expectation. She is a wonderful instructor, and I will recommend her and BabyGym to everyone I know."
    Sandra McLaren, Garsfontein
  • Melissa Mohanlall, Pietermaritzburg
    “Lyn is such a friendly and warm person, we felt so comfortable with her and her warmth made the BabyGym classes fun and interactive. She has provided immeasurable advice which I will continue to use.”
    Melissa Mohanlall, Pietermaritzburg
  • Inge Coetzee, Linden
    Marlizan was such a welcoming instructor. I simply loved her vibe! My mom and I attended the BabyGym classes with my newborn, Stella. We all loved it. My favourite class is the Baby Massage. I have done the massage every night since Marlizan showed us how. Now that I am back at work full-time the massage is a beautiful way to wind down after a long day and spend some 1 on 1 time with my beautiful baby girl.
    Inge Coetzee, Linden
  • Nicolene Steyn, Heidelberg
    Today I had proof that the BabyGym Body Outline is not only for babies. My little boy, Peet, is four and a half years old. Since he started play school, I always rub his ears and outline his body before he goes to class. We call it "drawing your body", and when outlining 3 times, I always recite: "Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, and Jesus loves you". Since his little brother was born I was instructed (by him) to do it four times, and to ad baby Nicolas into the mix. Yesterday was his first day back at school after the December holidays. I once again did our little routine, and afterwards, Peet had the biggest smile on his face. He started to walk towards the school, but turned around, ran to me and gave me a huge hug. He said: "Mommy, I love you very much. And we have to remember to draw my body EVERY day, not just when I go to school, because it makes me feel so nice. I know you love me Mommy!" And off he went to school, leaving me with a huge lump in my throat. I reached for little Nicolas' hand to go home, and low and behold, there he is, two years old, standing with his arms stretched out, saying: "Now it's my turn Mommy!" The BabyGym Body Outline has definitely created a special bond between me and my boys.
    Nicolene Steyn, Heidelberg
  • Joelene Swift, Wonderboom
    "Ons BabaGim 1 klassies was definitief oor en oor die moeite werd! Ons as paartjie het so baie geleer- van mamma en pappa se verskillende rolle, swangerskap, geboorte, baba-massering en selfs wat ons kan doen op baba se voeding en metabolisering te verbeter. Dit was baie interessant en ons sien uit na BabaGim 2!"
    Joelene Swift, Wonderboom
  • Marlize & Manie Lemmer, Linden
    “BabyGym 1 - Excellent value added experience for soon to be parents! ”
    Marlize & Manie Lemmer, Linden
  • Candice Jackson, Lenasia
    BabyGym has opened our eyes to our daughter’s-full development and milestones. It has equipped us as first time parents with the necessary and vital skills to enhance her growth on all levels. There is so much that we don’t know and that is important. Attending the classes with my husband has been really special in so many ways. Thank you very much for a great program.
    Candice Jackson, Lenasia
  • Carine van der Merwe, Tzaneen
    “Daneke was an excellent instructor with a clear passion for BabyGym. With her help Marcus really started to relax more. Marcus loves the massage every evening at bath time, and even his 4 year old sister likes to apply all the tips and techniques that we learned. Thank you for a magnificent program!”
    Carine van der Merwe, Tzaneen
  • Elzane Olivier, Nelspruit
    BabaGim het ongelooflik baie vir my beteken. Ek glo vas dat die innerlike genesing wat die massering vir my en André gebring het ook die grondslag is waarop sy verdere gesonde ontwikkeling gegroei het. Elke BabaGim speletjie hierna het bygedra daartoe dat hy vandag ‘n sterk en slim 4 maande oue seuntjie is op wie ek met my hele hart verlief is. As skoolhoof en graad R juffrou by ‘n kleuterskool verstaan ek hoe belangrik die grondslag is wat BabaGim lê. Ek sien die aanwesigheid of die afwesigheid van so ‘n grondslag elke dag in my werk! En hoewel ek nou terug is by my skool en my klassie, voel ek – danksy BabaGim – voorbereid en toegerus om die meeste van my beperkte tyd elke dag met André te maak.  
    Elzane Olivier, Nelspruit
  • Vicky Kilian, Stellenbosch
    “Anneri was baie profesioneel en altyd vriendelik en behulpsaam. Sy dra die inligting besonder goed oor aan ons mammas.”
    Vicky Kilian, Stellenbosch
  • Nadine Swingburn, East London
    Before BabyGym I only used to put Oliver on his tummy now and then and often kept him in a rocker seat during most of the day. After attending BabyGym classes I noticed just how weak he was during tummy time and how bad his posture was when he was sitting. After a week of constant massage and BabyGym exercises, Oliver showed major improvement. I've packed away the rocker seat and now have him play on the floor on a play mat- he seems so content and happy and is hardly in my arms. The massage is our favourite bonding time and Oliver now loves bath time, as this is when the massage takes place. Olivers reflux has also improved hugely since we've started BabyGym. Thanks to our Instructor, I will definitely be signing up for BabyGym 3!
    Nadine Swingburn, East London
  • Lise Coetzee, Centurion
    "Rentia is very passionate about BabyGym and her enthusiasm for what she presents made the classes very enjoyable. She is approachable and I feel comfortable to contact her with all my future questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the BabyGym programme in 2014 and now again with baby number two in 2017. The tools learnt have helped me to confidently develop and learn with my baby.”  
    Lise Coetzee, Centurion
  • Janine Meiring, Potchefstroom
    “Awesome, would recommend BabyGym 2 classes to any newborn & mommy. A must do!”
    Janine Meiring, Potchefstroom
  • Lyzette Luppnow, Durbanville
    I enjoyed BabyGym as a first-time mother because it enabled me to stimulate and interact with my child in a meaningful way (without falling victim to baby consumerism in the sense of naively purchasing expensive contraptions that end up doing nothing for my child's development). I see my child becoming more complex by the day. She is an extremely confident little girl who enjoys physical activities such as Tummy Time far more than toys! BabyGym 1 also helped my partner and I to be more confident when our baby arrived. The 'I Love You' tummy massage was very successful when my daughter had to be fed on formula only 3 weeks after her birth. The BabyGym 3 Sitting Lesson has already helped a great deal.
    Lyzette Luppnow, Durbanville
  • Chrisell Pieterse, Windhoek
    "Dit was so 'n ongelooflike lekker en leersame ervaring om BabaGim by Nita te kon doen. Sy het met elke klassie soveel moeite gedoen. Haar passie en entoesiasme vir dit wat sy doen is so verfrissend en aansteeklik dat ek elke keer so geinspireerd daar weg gestap het en opgewonde was om die BabaGim-oefeninge by die huis te gaan toepas.Nita is 'n absolute aanwins en ambassadeur vir BabaGim."
    Chrisell Pieterse, Windhoek
  • Vinosha Singh, Fourways
    After 9 long years of waiting for our little miracle, he was impatient to meet us and decided to make an appearance 2 months ahead of schedule. The weeks that followed were spent holding vigil in a neonatal ICU, where we were told that as a preemie he would in all likelihood be behind schedule in reaching his development milestones. Given Kian's tumultuous entry into the world we were committed to supporting him in achieving these milestones with minimal upheaval. Preliminary internet research and listening to the experiences of a few fellow mums suggested that BabyGym was an avenue worth exploring. We took a punt and it paid off... As early as the first lesson we saw a change in Kian. The positive stimulation meant that he was more attentive than he'd ever been. The baby massage techniques we learned supported him in becoming more mobile and consequently more agile. Moreover the classes and the weekly "homework" meant that we were engaged in valuable quality time as a family. As first time parents this was essential in establishing both a daily regimen and a sustainable home dynamic. It's been some weeks since Kian's graduation but this hasn't halted our BabyGym journey. All three of us continue undertaking the prescribed exercises with gusto, and we're delighted by the engaged, bright and personable little boy that Kian is becoming. My husband and I are in agreement that BabyGym was a worthwhile investment. We're proud by the developmental strides Kian has made and would happily advocate the program to other parents.
    Vinosha Singh, Fourways
  • Carla, Fourways
    My little Claudia loved her BabyGym! Firstly, it was great to socialise with other little babies. Mommy also learnt so much about how babies develop and what steps are important for development. It also gave me an opportunity to learn baby massage and this proved useful for us as a bonding experience before she began to wiggle too much. I also taught Claudia's nanny some lessons and they had fun with that. Our BabyGym Instructor was excellent, so patient and she expressed such genuine care for our babies. We thoroughly enjoyed BabyGym and we think all babies should attend these classes!    
    Carla, Fourways
  • Firdoze Patel, Vereeniging
    “Jill West was an amazing Instructor who made our BabyGym experience fun and very informative. Definitely a memorable experience with her. My daughter who is only 4 months old has already shown great improvement since we’ve started with BabyGym. I am very happy with this program. Keep it up BabyGym team!"    
    Firdoze Patel, Vereeniging
  • Bianca Ackermann, Garsfontein
    BabyGym was the best decision I made for my baby. The improvement I saw and experienced with my baby is amazing! I am recommending BabyGym to all my friends and people I deal with. I do believe every baby should do BabyGym for their development. I'm looking forward to starting BabyGym 3 classes with my little one.
    Bianca Ackermann, Garsfontein
  • Elsa Carstens, Hermanus
    A heartfelt note from an Ouma in the class: "Dear Liezl, I would like to thank you for making me feel so at home so that Lia and I could enjoy the BabyGym classes with you. I want to assure you that it was a wonderful experience and a great privilege that I could experience as a grandma and caregiver with you and Lia. I now understand the value of the BabyGym program for a child's development. My wish is that the BabyGym program will become so well-known, that every new mom or caregiver can be exposed to the knowledge to help their child reach every milestone and personal development. I will recommend BabyGym on my way forward because I believe that it is a GREAT investment towards my granddaughter’s future. Thank you for always being accommodating and patient with us."
    Elsa Carstens, Hermanus
  • Deani Vermaak, Hermanus
    “We learned a lot about development in the BabyGym classes! Liezl is enthusiastic and encouraging and makes every class fun!”
    Deani Vermaak, Hermanus
  • Lindie Jardim, Polokwane
    Rika is very knowledgeable. I would not have known how to play with either of my children if it wasn’t for BabyGym - it is wonderful to know we are playfully developing our baby’s brain. Love Rika! Whenever I have questions, Rika is always there with advice and exercises.
    Lindie Jardim, Polokwane
  • Megan Badenhorst, Robin Hills, Randburg
    It was abundantly clear that our BabyGym Instructor is deeply passionate about BabyGym and the benefits of BabyGym if parents apply themselves and make it part of Baby's daily life. I appreciated that our Instructor used her own experiences and related these to us. I felt extremely comfortable, welcome and at ease in her classes. Since my maternity leave is limited, bonding with my baby is extremely important to me. I felt that BabyGym gave me the tools to help my baby while I was bonding with him. It has given me confidence in handling him and I feel extremely motivated to continue with the exercises. I feel that I can already see results in terms of his neck control, alertness and curiosity. Mostly, BabyGym was just really fun and the fact that it has long term benefits is absolutely wonderful.
    Megan Badenhorst, Robin Hills, Randburg
  • Sunette du Preez, Robin Hills
    My husband and I completed the BabyGym 2 program with our baby boy Arno. I recommend BabyGym to all new parents- it is incredible! The knowledge that you gain is so important to help give your child the best possible start in life and it's so much fun for the parents, and baby! We are incorporating the BabyGym activities into our daily lives and I can already see a major difference in Arno's development.
    Sunette du Preez, Robin Hills
  • Susan Smuts, Craighall Park
    BabyGym showed me how to spend quality time with my child. It was a practical and useful course that opened my eyes to ways to interact with my child and have fun with him. It helped me understand that we all take in information in different ways. This understanding gives me tools to explore different ways to get my child to respond to stimulation in his environment and to me. My child enjoyed the time he spent in class and responded well to the exercises the Instructor taught us. The Instructor was a wonderful, warm person who created a lovely environment to learn. Highly recommended!
    Susan Smuts, Craighall Park
  • Dilshaad, Ismail and Sofia, Lenasia
    After having attended BabyGym, we feel so much more empowered and liberated to do hands on parenting (eg. doing the baby massage, floor time activities). I have seen development in my baby in such a short period of time, especially with tummy time. I have learnt that faster isn’t necessarily better but making sure that each milestone is achieved correctly is very important. Besides learning so much about our baby, we have learnt a lot about ourselves as well during this journey, interesting things with regards to dominance and the left and right brain. Now that I have this wealth of knowledge, I am certain I will make better informed choices such as not investing in a walking ring! Unfortunately the five weeks went too fast for us and Sofia has graduated already. Many thanks for an awesome experience!
    Dilshaad, Ismail and Sofia, Lenasia
  • Ilse Van Nieuwenhuizen, Garsfontein
    Baie oulik! Ek sal dit beslis vir enige iemand aanbeveel. Ons Instrukteur is puik. Baie dankie vir hierdie oulike program. Inge is my tweede kind en ek het nogsteeds SO baie geleer van ontwikkeling en die regte stimulasie. Inge se oppasser het ook baie baat gevind by die kursus, en ek kan sien sy verstaan die stimulasie wat ons maandeliks vir Inge uitwerk, en pas dit toe soos sy in die klas geleer het. Sy het veral die bal oefeninge en massering baie interessant gevind.
    Ilse Van Nieuwenhuizen, Garsfontein
  • Mari Kenney, Tzaneen
    Ek dink elke nuwe ouer moet BabaGim 1 klassies bywoon voor die nuwe babatjie kom. Dit het my en my man ongelooflik goed gedoen en rustig gemaak. Charlene was ook uitstekend en ons sien uit na ons BabaGim 2 klassies saam met ons nuwe babatjie.
    Mari Kenney, Tzaneen
  • Chané Jacobs, Potchefstroom
    Enige eerste mamma en pappa sal veral baat by BabaGim klassies. Ek en my man het so baie geleer en daar is baie dinge wat ontwikkeling behels waarvan ons nie geweet het nie. In hierdie 5 weke van BabaGim kan ek beslis ‘n verandering in my baba dogtertjie sien. Haar spiertjies het so mooi versterk en sy het elke liewe BabaGim aktiwiteit geniet - van die massering tot die “oefen” aktiwiteite. Ons sal verseker die BabaGim 3 mylpaal-klassies hierna bywoon. Nie net het mamma die klassies baie geniet nie, maar babatjie ook!
    Chané Jacobs, Potchefstroom
  • Nam and Baby Aaarav, Craighall Park
    The BabyGym experience has been wonderful for my baby, nanny and myself. We have now been made aware of the many ways to stimulate my baby both physically and emotionally. We are diligently doing the BabyGym dance and massage daily and my baby thoroughly enjoys it! Not only was the class fun but also very educational. Many thanks to our BabyGym Instructor for the kind support and encouragement. The classes were so enjoyable!
    Nam and Baby Aaarav, Craighall Park
  • Hugs Mapuleng and Tumelo, Queenswood
    BabyGym really worked for us, even his grannies are astonished at how well he is developing. My baby boy started crawling at around 6 months and walking at 10, I definitely think it's because of all the tummy time. He is a good sleeper, he has been sleeping through since 6 months, no hassles. I really believe that a lot of it has to do with the BabyGym firm foundation he received. He has done so well!
    Hugs Mapuleng and Tumelo, Queenswood
  • Naomi Janse van Vuuren, Belville
    Geraldine is a great teacher and truly cares about all the babies in her care. She has a passion for what she does and she pulled out all of the stops for our BabyGym graduation day. We would recommend her as a BabyGym Instructor to anyone in and around Belville.
    Naomi Janse van Vuuren, Belville
  • Dalene van der Walt, Potchefstroom
    "This was a special experience where mother and baby could connect and strengthen their bond. It was also lots of fun to show Dad what we did in class and to empower him to do the activities with us after work and over the weekends. This made family time so much more special. We can’t wait for the next class and will definitely recommend BabyGym to friends and family."
    Dalene van der Walt, Potchefstroom
  • Marikie van Coller, Mosselbaai
    Magda het regtig uit haar pad gegaan om ons welkom te laat voel by elke ontvangs. Sy sit haar hart en siel in die klassies en elke klas is uniek en prettig aangebied. Ek dink die mammas het dit dalk selfs meer as die babas geniet. Ek sal verseker aanbeveel dat enige swanger mamma en mammas wat klaar hul babas het BabaGim moet doen. Ons baba dogtertjie sukkel met refluks van geboorte af en met behulp van Magda en die BabaGim klasse is die refluks al baie beter.
    Marikie van Coller, Mosselbaai
  • Melanie Wepener, Bryanston
    “Please develop another course for us to carry on with after BabyGym, or make this course longer! It was so enjoyable, we had a wonderful time!”
    Melanie Wepener, Bryanston
  • Samatha Jane van Zyl, Monte Vista
    I was concerned about my daughter, Emma, and her milestones but our BabyGym Instructor was wonderful- very helpful, understanding and accommodating. I have learnt so much from her and as a result, Emma is flourishing!
    Samatha Jane van Zyl, Monte Vista
  • Laurie Ann Grobler, Pietermaritzburg
    We had an amazing experience and thoroughly enjoyed all 5 of our BabyGym classes. Lyn is absolutely amazing and so good with all the little ones. Tate and I had loads of fun and learnt lots during our classes. Thank you, Lyn for being so kind and caring, and for sharing all your knowledge with us. We will definitely miss our weekly classes.
    Laurie Ann Grobler, Pietermaritzburg
  • Sheyla Fientes, Sandton
    “We enjoyed BabyGym a lot. Every class was excellent. 100% recommended!”
    Sheyla Fientes, Sandton
  • Anneen Esterhuizen, Windhoek
    Although we weren’t able to attend BabyGym classes face-to-face with Nita, the skills and information learned online were very valuable. Being able to attend 1 face-to-face class and the BabyGym graduation was such a lovely experience for both baby and me. My nanny attended ‘Friends of BabyGym’ training and it really encouraged and excited her as much as it did me. Knowing how to keep your baby busy and active during awake times while reaching those important milestones in a fun way has proved to be extremely valuable. I recommend BabyGym to everyone I meet. We loved it!
    Anneen Esterhuizen, Windhoek
  • Tania Pascheka, Windhoek
    The only thing that I found terribly disappointing about our BabyGym 2 - Firm Foundation classes (attended with Nita in Windhoek) was the fact that it had to end after 5 weeks. It was incredibly informative and we were able to implement everything into our daily routine. Nita is such a warm, loving and friendly person and it made the overall experience (on top of all the knowledge gained) so much fun. I would definitely recommend it and her to all other parents, as this experience brought me (and daddy) even closer to our precious baby. Proud to be a BabyGym mommy, and so happy that our BabyGym roads crossed with Nita.
    Tania Pascheka, Windhoek
  • Chris-Mari Wait, Port Elizabeth
    "This 5 week course has helped us to understand our baby's developmental needs. Our BabyGym Instructor, Lynette van Wyk, was incredible! Being a second time mom but a first time BabyGym parent she helped us to understand how we can use the BabyGym activities on our older toddler too. It has been a great bonding time for us as a family. Every parent should experience BabyGym!"
    Chris-Mari Wait, Port Elizabeth
  • Karen van der Merwe, Bloemfontein
    It was amazing having Anne as an instructor! She was so compassionate and caring and really made us feel very special, as if every single baby was most important to her. I learnt so much and will always remember the BabyGym journey and apply it in the years to come.
    Karen van der Merwe, Bloemfontein
  • Bianca Koll, Windhoek
    “Nita was ongelooflik passievol oor BabaGim en altyd so gasvry en warm! Ek het elke Dinsdag uitgesien na ons koffietjie voor die klas begin. Sy is ook so geduldig en stel regtig belang. Ek het baie geleer en beleef my ‘BabaGim baba’ heeltemal anders as my eerste met wie ek dit nie gedoen het nie. Veral die massering gee jou baie meer selfvertroue om jou baba te hanteer en versorg. Dankie vir ‘n wonderlike program!”
    Bianca Koll, Windhoek
  • Guida and Arabella van der Westhuizen, Bloemfontein
    As a first time mom, I was quite unsure of how I would be able to creatively stimulate my baby girls development. I frankly felt out of depth because I did not know how to practically incorporate activities that would in future guarantee a successful learning career for my child. A friend asked if I would be interested in joining her in attending BabyGym with Zelna Bolton in Bloemfontein and I was very curious to hear and see what BabyGym was about. At first I was afraid that Arabella was still too young at 3 months but it was clear that BabyGym is essential for a child at any age. From the first class, my interest and mind was abuzz with excitement because BabyGym equipped me with the tools to take my daughters' development and future learning capabilities into my own hands. I confidently learnt to incorporate everyday activities into fun and wonderful developmental steps I could share with Arabella. This interaction further cemented our bond with laughter and curiosity. I was in awe at how Arabella's development occurred with natural ease and progression, just because of the incorporation of the massage techniques and activities I learnt from our BabyGym Instructor. I find myself eagerly anticipating our daily special time together, exploring and stimulating Arabella's interest and development in innovative and fun ways. I couldn't wait to share what a wonderful experience BabyGym was with my husband, Arabellas caregiver and all my friends who had their own little ones. BabyGym provides new parents with the perfect tools for building a wonderful relationship with your new baby and ensure that their future learning becomes a wonderful and successful learning adventure.
    Guida and Arabella van der Westhuizen, Bloemfontein
  • Gigi Kightley, Craighall Park
    I loved the course and found it really interesting and insightful, amazing how some of the things we instinctly do. The course helps to understand the role/ relevance of our instincts but certainly teaches you a multitude of things you just ordinarily would never have thought of or done for your baby!! We all loved the course thoroughly, Thomas never fell asleep once, just too exciting and entertaining!
    Gigi Kightley, Craighall Park
  • Liezel Cilliers, East London
    “BabyGym offered me a great opportunity to bond with my son and connect with other moms. Corrine was wonderful and had lots of tips to make life easier with baby.”
    Liezel Cilliers, East London
  • Lindsey Schierschmidt van der Westhuizen, Windhoek
    The classes were super interesting, fun and my twins enjoyed every moment. I can see what difference it made in their development. The twins were NICU babies, but we had none of the struggles NICU babies generally encounter - thanks to BabyGym. Nita was super!
    Lindsey Schierschmidt van der Westhuizen, Windhoek
  • Rianda Joubert, Potchefstroom
    Ons het met BabaGim begin toe Marilet sewe weke oud was. Toe ek haar op vier maande vir die eerste keer skooltjie toe vat het die dame wat in beheer is van die baba klassie gesê dat sy, in die agt jaar wat sy babas oppas, nog nooit ‘n vier maande oue baba gesien het, wat so sterk is soos Marilet nie. Ek glo en weet dat dit te danke is aan BabaGim. So, ek wil dankie sê vir BabaGim en ons BabaGim Instrukteur wat my gehelp het om ‘n ferm grondslag te lê vir Marilet se ontwikkeling. Ek sal BabaGim beslis vir familie en vriende aanbeveel!
    Rianda Joubert, Potchefstroom
  • Tania Kliphuis, Pietermaritzburg
    “Levi and I absolutely loved attending BabyGym with Lyn! Levi was the oldest baby in the class and provided much entertainment for the other mums with his giggles and chatter during activities. It was amazing to watch how the smaller babies unfurled and progressed throughout the five weeks. Lyn was relaxed, friendly and knowledgeable, and offered us lots of advice. A lovely five weeks - with the sweet graduation pics as the cherry on top!”
    Tania Kliphuis, Pietermaritzburg
  • Danelle Osmers, Tzaneen
    Ons was 6 paartjies voornemende ouers wat die BabaGim 1 klasse baie geniet het en by baat gevind het. Daneke het ons almal op ons gemak laat voel, was goed voorbereid, gemaklik in die situasie en baie oulike praktiese BabaGim oefeninge vir ons geleer. Daneke en die BabaGim 1 program het ons beslis meer ingelig en geleer van vroeë breinontwikkeling by babatjies. Ons sal haar BabaGim 1 dienste enige tyd aanbeveel. Dankie vir ‘n baie aangename en leersame ondervinding!
    Danelle Osmers, Tzaneen
  • Shantel Nangoro, Fourways
    I found the BabyGym classes very informative and our Instructor, Kerry Kruuse, was really good. Would certainly recommend BabyGym to friends and family.
    Shantel Nangoro, Fourways
  • Celeste van der Berg, Sandton
    “We loved the course and it got Andrew crawling correctly, which is amazing!!!”
    Celeste van der Berg, Sandton
  • Corine Howell, George
    “We had the best time, Joanie went out of her way to accommodate us. The BabyGym classes are well structured and very informative.”
    Corine Howell, George
  • Celeste Coetzer, Centurion
    I did BabyGym with my firstborn and was so glad to hear that Rentia was still involved with the programme when my second was born. Rentia truly has a wonderful way to present the classes and her passion for the programme and whole brain development is clearly visible. She is always willing to share her knowledge and experiences and gives practical advice on how to implement the guidelines in daily routines. I will surely recommend her classes for all new moms.
    Celeste Coetzer, Centurion
  • Tanya Valentine, Pietermaritzburg
    "Lyn is an excellent BabyGym Instructor and I just loved learning the science behind the BabyGym activities."
    Tanya Valentine, Pietermaritzburg
  • Lizette Venter, Hermanus
    “Dis wonderlik om iemand te sien en beleef wat so baie passie het vir dit wat sy doen, en Liezl het geen tekort daaraan nie. Die BabaGim program was regtig ’n belewenis. As ouer wil jy net die beste doen vir jou kind in alle aspekte van sy lewe en hulle is die belagrikste persoon in jou lewe. Dis wonderlik om emand te kry wat jou help om jou kind te help blom en sy volle potensiaal te bereik.”
    Lizette Venter, Hermanus
  • Sune Horrmann, East London
    “Corinne had a great way of presenting BabyGym. She was calm and patient. I really enjoyed attending BabyGym with her.”
    Sune Horrmann, East London
  • Michelle Prinsloo, Bloemfontein
    As parents' with a newborn girl and a son who is 5 and has cerebral palsy due to asphyxia during birth - BabyGym to us is growth, bonding and a lot of fun! The program enabled us to use play-time not only for fun but also to develop a better brain for our children! The classes were educational, fun and a positive family experience - thank you for also including fathers! I want to thank Lorika for going out of her way to understand and accommodate my son and his challenges. Thank you for teaching us how to help our children grow a better, stronger brain!
    Michelle Prinsloo, Bloemfontein
  • Peggy Klynsmith, Vereeniging
    Jill was amazing, felt so comfortable as did my little one. Couldn’t wait for each BabyGym class.
    Peggy Klynsmith, Vereeniging
  • Chantelle Jonker, Port Elizabeth
    "Attending BabyGym was a wonderful experience and I do wish that all new mommies and babies can attend this program. I never thought about what an impact the small things can make on your child's development. I am managing so much better with being a mommy and what activities I can and can't do with my daughter. I have more knowledge about how my child is developing and I am aware of what I am doing and how it is affecting my child's development. It was wonderful - truly a special experience and I will recommend it to ALL mommies."
    Chantelle Jonker, Port Elizabeth
  • Monica Smith, Kempton Park
    Thank you so much for the wonderful BabyGym course I completed with both my children (Sienna completed in June 2011 and Declan completed in March 2015). I found the course very interesting and useful and can definitely already see the result in Sienna.
    Monica Smith, Kempton Park
  • Almeri du Toit, Nelspruit
    As a first time mom my knowledge in terms of development was very limited. Reading was also a difficult task with a newborn. BabyGym not only provided me with extensive knowledge but also assisted me to perfect activities through practical examples and assistance. BabyGym has given me the best tools to ensure my little one thrives!
    Almeri du Toit, Nelspruit
  • Aadil Mosam, Lenasia
    Being a first time dad, like all other parents, I wanted the best for my little girl Zaakirah. At first I didnt know exactly what BabyGym was all about, but surprisingly a whole new window into the human mind and body was opened, and I learnt a lot! For me it was amazing to learn that seemingly insignificant or small things like perhaps eye contact or dad's touch are actually important factors in a child's development. As a dad I am relieved to have learnt that it is not the expensive toys and gadgets that will ultimately lead to the development of a better brain. Since doing BabyGym, we see Zaakirah as more calm, relaxed but still alert and active. My play time with her is now more structured and I know that when I do the stimulation with her it's more than just time spent with her, it is helping her to build a better brain! We say thank you to our BabyGym Instructor for a wonderful experience and truly believe that all parents and babies should have BabyGym on their to-do list!
    Aadil Mosam, Lenasia
  • Tarryn Kirton, Fourways
    “We absolutely loved our first BabyGym experience and cannot wait to do BabyGym 2 with our little girl once she is here. We learnt so much (but in a helpful and practical way so as not to feel overwhelmed) and are confident that we will now be able to stimulate our baby in the best possible way from as soon as she is born, to set her up for an incredible start to her life. Thank you BabyGym and Kerry for such a wonderful learning experience!”
    Tarryn Kirton, Fourways
  • Nasreen van Rensburg, Stellenbosch
    “It was truly a wonderful five weeks, and I will definitely continue all that I’ve learnt at BabyGym with my baby, and tell all my friends to take their little ones one day too. Thank you BabyGym!!”
    Nasreen van Rensburg, Stellenbosch
  • Nicole Shields, Sandton
    “I really enjoyed attending BabyGym with my little boy. I’ve learnt a lot of things that I now implement on a daily basis and have shared with my husband. I must mention that Joanne is wonderful! So warm, genuine and extremely knowledgeable. I really liked how she shared stories from her real life experiences with her own children.”
    Nicole Shields, Sandton
  • Anonymous
    We started working with our BabyGym Instructor when I was 8 months pregnant, attending BabyGym 1. We were able to start with the massage from early on. The useful advice and information we obtained is incomparable with antenatal classes. From the onset our baby Ella was strong and well developed for her age. Each week we learned new techniques to develop the senses, even those that are not well known nevertheless exercised. We met sincere people, going through the same learning experience, who became our friends. Thanks to our BabyGym Instructor for helping to keep our precious little one happy, healthy and developing extraordinarily.
  • April Nicholson, Fourways
    A great learning experience for both mom and baby. We thoroughly enjoyed the course and my son has definitely benefited.
    April Nicholson, Fourways
  • Azaan Häfner, Tzaneen
    Liewe Charlene, ek wil graag van die geleentheid gebruik maak om jou hartlik te bedank, ek en Zané het die BabaGim klasse so geniet! Ek is baie trots om te deel dat my baba op 3 maande ‘n speelding opgetel het en mond toe gevat het. Sy rol ook al op haar sy en tel daai koppie lekker hoog op! Ek beveel BabaGim aan vir elke mamma, veral nuwe mammas, dit was vir my lekker om met ander mammas te gesels (dan besef mens net dat jy nie alleen “sukkel” nie). Zané se ontwikkelings-boublokkies is behoorlik neergelê, nou bou ons net by die huis verder voort. Vreeslik baie dankie vir jou vriendelikheid en raad Charlene, jy is ‘n fantastiese Instrukteur! Baie baie dankie vir alles, die BabaGim klassies was ‘n fees!
    Azaan Häfner, Tzaneen
  • Christine Daniell, Garsfontein
    "I have only good things to say about Christine, her love, passion and enthusiasm for what she does is evident from the beginning of the first BabyGym class, and it carry’s on right through to week 5! This makes you feel comfortable to ask any questions especially about challenges you may be facing with your little one. She answers questions with great knowledge and advise, helping you to understand the growth process happening inside your baby. I’m actually sad the program is over but I am looking forward to implementing this into my baby’s lifestyle every day. Thank you Christine!"
    Christine Daniell, Garsfontein
  • Jerusha Pillay, Pietermaritzburg
    Lyn was warm and welcoming and her knowledge of babies is wide and varied. She taught us many new things, and even as a second time mom I was introduced to new ideas and ways of doing things. She made the course an absolute pleasure.
    Jerusha Pillay, Pietermaritzburg
  • Kerry Kruuse, Fourways
    Our daughter Charlotte was around 3 months old when we started BabyGym. I remember wondering what I was supposed to do with her between her meals and naps and BabyGym provided those answers. BabyGym helped me feel more confident and better equipped to handle my baby. I mostly loved the fact that I didn't have to find extra time in the day or extra money to do BabyGym with her. All the activities could be built-in to her daily activities and routine, like nappy changes and tummy-time and we could use things around the house like our washing basket and our towels. I felt so passionately about the BabyGym programme that I decided to leave the school classroom behind and become an Instructor. It is such a privilege to be on this journey with parents and babies. It is wonderful to be a parent, to have done the course as a mom and now to be teaching others parents!
    Kerry Kruuse, Fourways
  • Nicole & Zaeyaan, Fourways
    "...My sister is pregnant so next year she will be joining you at BabyGym. I’m going to be sending her for BabyGym 1 and BabyGym 2. Zae is only so advanced because of the skills you have taught me. I appreciate you so much for that. You have no idea how many kids' lives you have changed - even those you have not seen. We need more like you in the world!"
    Nicole & Zaeyaan, Fourways
  • Zahra Aysen, Lenasia
    I really enjoyed BabyGym and found it very informative. I’m glad that I did this with my first baby so that I can carry on using this knowledge as my family grows. I loved that the classes were small and interactive. I also have a busy inquisitive little one in the crawling phase, but we were accommodated well and felt comfortable.
    Zahra Aysen, Lenasia
  • Kelly Mann, Pietermaritzburg
    It was my second time doing BabyGym and I loved it as much as the first time. I wish I could remember everything Lyn taught us - even the second time around I learned new things. Thank so much Lyn for your positive attitude and your absolute love and passion for our little ones. You really inspire me to be a better mother.
    Kelly Mann, Pietermaritzburg
  • Jenny and Iain McLean, Bryanston
    “We loved the BabyGym classes from the opportunity to meet other babies and their parents to the fact that we could attend as a family and all learn together. The structure of the classes covering a different topic each week gave us a chance to practice and incorporate the various elements learnt into Michael’s routine before adding more the next week. The tools we were given have made a huge difference to Michael’s development. A perfect example is how his core was not very strong, we started to do the exercises on the ball and 10 days later he is sitting on his own without any support. We also loved the opportunity to discuss questions and concerns we had with other parents and with Joanne. We are so sad the classes are over but are loving practicing and using all we learnt to ensure Michael has a balanced and well developed body and sense of self. Thanks for an amazing class!
    Jenny and Iain McLean, Bryanston
  • Lizell Erasmus, Durbanville Hills
    I have already recommended BabyGym to my friends as these classes have definitely added value to our lives! I have learned things I never knew or thought of and Charlotte provided great advice and ideas. She is an excellent BabyGym Instructor with a heart for every baby to flourish. I am looking forward to attending BabyGym 3 with her.
    Lizell Erasmus, Durbanville Hills
  • Adele Prinsloo, Durbanville Hills
    I started massaging my baby after every bath at night and I believe this is the reason she has started to sleep through the night at only 3 months old! The classes have given me the opportunity to connect and play with my baby on an educational level which is fun for both of us!
    Adele Prinsloo, Durbanville Hills
  • René en Arthur, Port Elizabeth
    Ek dink my wang spiere was seer geglimlag na Woensdag se klas. Ek het dit vreeslik geniet om te kyk hoe lekker Arthur speel. Hy was SO in sy noppies! Baie baie dankie daarvoor! Ek het intussen ook 'n mandjie met wiele gekry en ons ry elke aand die huis plat 🙂 sy Pa kry ook die skoppelmaai mooi reg. Arthur is sommer eweskielik baie flink en fiks met sy omrol, dis so lekker om te sien. Ons sien uit om nog baie meer te leer!
    René en Arthur, Port Elizabeth
  • Rezwana Gardee, Lenasia
    Aunty Zharina... I am so glad that I found out about you and BabyGym! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy learning from you. We look forward to every Wednesdays’ classes because you share your wealth of knowledge, your experiences and your insights with us every week. I leave your classes excited to try what I’ve learnt on both my boys, baby Rayyan and older brother Mizaan, and I look forward to the evenings to tell Daddy what we have done. Since starting your classes I have renewed energy to tackle the sleepless nights as I know the time will come when sleeplessness will be a thing of the past. I also leave your classes utterly grateful for my children, my blessings, and have learnt to complain less and appreciate more. I thank God for you and all you do. I am only sorry that I didn’t attend BabyGym with my firstborn, I will definitely be telling my friends and family to invest in their families, and enroll for BabyGym!
    Rezwana Gardee, Lenasia
  •  Melanie Coetzee, Garsfontein
    "I am a mother of 2 children, after my first child you think you know most of the important stimulation techniques. I was pleasantly surprised and grateful that I have joined BabyGym! I have learned so much and I can notice how my baby is getting stronger every day! Thank you Christine and BabyGym for guiding me on this amazing journey."
    Melanie Coetzee, Garsfontein
  • Tarryn Swanepoel, East London
    My daughter, Emma, was born with a normal belly button. However, at around 4/5 weeks old her belly button popped up. I was told by the doctor that it was a little hernia where her muscles were not strong enough in this area and this caused the belly button to do this. I started attending BabyGym and our Instructor, Anneke Erasmus, suggested that I do the I Love You massage on her belly button on a regular basis. I did this every time I changed her nappy. Since then I have noticed a great improvement and her belly button has retracted a great deal. Emma is now 5 months old and this is how her belly button looks. It's a great improvement and I will definitely continue to massage her.
    Tarryn Swanepoel, East London
  • Cassandra Jackson, Wonderboom
    We started our BabyGym journey with Riley when he was 3 months old. He could not lift or support his head, he curled his toes in every time we touched his feet, hated tummy time and would cry every time we tried it, he also had very little awareness of his hands and feet. After our 5 week BabyGym course with Monique (in Wonderboom) we now have a Riley who has found himself! After just 3 weeks, Riley could already hold his head up and flex his feet! At 5 months, Riley can now sit, grab his feet and suck his toes. He kicks his legs ferociously, grabs his toys and shakes them, and loves to follow us as we move around the room. He has learned so much and all the exercises we have learnt at BabyGym has made him who he is today. We are now attending BabyGym 3 milestone classes to help him to roll, sit, crawl and walk. BabyGym has been an amazing experience for us, not just to teach our Riley but we as parents also learnt numerous fun and educational ways to interact with our baby, and we had many laughs in the process! I recommend BabyGym to everyone!
    Cassandra Jackson, Wonderboom
  • Marisa  Aldrich,  Durbanville Hills
    I attended BabyGym with Charlotte with both of my kids. Charlotte is an amazing instructor that provides a safe space for moms to connect and gain knowledge on how to appropriately stimulate their babies. She shows care and support to each new mom that attends the classes. Charlotte is well equipped and prepared for every session. She is always willing to show activities again and truly had a life impacting influence on my babies’ development. Thank you, Charlotte!
    Marisa Aldrich, Durbanville Hills
  • Yolandé  du Plessis, Centurion
    I enjoyed every week with Rentia and could not wait for the next weeks class. I wish I could continue meeting up with this group every week. All the sessions were so informative, practical and easily explained so that I could do all the exercises with confidence at home. Our baby boy was born 11 weeks premature and had a NICU stay of 44 days. We could not do all the exercises with him completely from the start as his skin was still very sensitive. But with patience and perseverance the BabyGym massages and stimulation exercises helped me bond with my baby and helped him grow into a little cutie that adores cuddles from his mama and papa. I cannot wait to see what impact BabyGym will have in helping him reach his milestones! Rentia has a real passion for BabyGym, child and baby development, and her knowledge is invaluable. We did BabyGym 1 and 2 with her and I cannot imagine this journey with anyone else.
    Yolandé du Plessis, Centurion
  • Erandi Karg, Mosselbay
    I'm proud to say that I have completed BabyGym with my boy (Janco, 20 months old) and was so pleased with the program that I am currently doing it again with my 2 month old baby girl (Milan). The Instructor was fantastic!
    Erandi Karg, Mosselbay
  • Claire Kolbe, Monte Vista
    Both Max and I thoroughly enjoyed our BabyGym sessions. It was great to structure our playtime and give practical instructions to our nanny so Max's development is optimised (even when I'm not there) as well as keeping him optimally entertained and happy.  
    Claire Kolbe, Monte Vista
  • Penny Louw, Durbanville Hills
    I would just like to say a big thank to our BabyGym Instructor as she truly went out of her way and gave up her extra time to assist my little boy, then 4 months. During the BabyGym 5 week programme I noticed that he wasn't reacting like all the other babies in class. He wasn't turning his head, following the sounds and at home family and friends were questioning whether he could hear. This had caused some panic! I instantly made an appointment with an Otologist, where certain tests would be done within a 2 week period. Our BabyGym Instructor stayed in contact and suggested that we carry on with lots of BabyGym homework as she was determined my little one would improve. The first round of tests were done but nothing seemed to be wrong. Whilst waiting for the next scheduled test we carried on with BabyGym extensively and started seeing a change in my little boy. Slowly but surely there were signs that he was responding and improving! I was over the moon and I couldn't believe that in only 2 weeks my little boy was responding to all the sounds and was more alert than ever. I am sincerely grateful to our Instructor, her assistance and the existence of BabyGym- I will always recommend it!
    Penny Louw, Durbanville Hills
  • Lisa Small, Rivonia
    I have a personal success story to share. I was thinking some weeks ago that we do the nose and coccyx rotations in week 3 to assist metabolism and to allow what must go in to eventually come out. My son has stopped using nappies in the day and has been battling a little to get the poo out when on the toilet. One day I tried just rubbing his coccyx while he was on the toilet and 'voila' he had a much easier 'poo-ing' experience. Since then when I see he is struggling I rub his coccyx and it really does seem to help. If I do that he also manages to get it all out in one sitting and doesn't have to go again a few minutes after finishing the 1st time. Mike is 3 now so BabyGym it seems is not just for babies! He is also terrified of thunder and the vagus nerve rub works wonders to get him to calm down and go back to sleep if there is a storm at night. Thanks to Melodie for allowing us to learn so much and for us to be able to help so many other mums and babes including our own.
    Lisa Small, Rivonia
  • Juanita Nothnagel, Tzaneen
    Daneke is an awesome instructor! She is caring, kind, patient and genuinely interested in my baby’s development. I love how she used her own experience with her sons as examples. My baby, Alné, is now calm and relaxed and had her best naps after a BabyGym class. She is all smiles when she realises it is time for her BabyGym massage every evening before bath time! BabyGym gave me, as a working mother, the skills to use the limited quality time available to combine play with activities which would have a beneficial impact on my baby’s development. I would definitely recommend anyone to attend BabyGym with Daneke in Tzaneen.
    Juanita Nothnagel, Tzaneen
  • Marlize Sturlic, Eversdal
    Ek wil net weer baie dankie sê Madeleine, ons gaan ons tydjie by jou en BabaGim baie mis. Dit was ‘n voorreg en ‘n groot seën om die klassies by te woon. My babadogtertjie, Emily, het so baie ontwikkel in die kort tydjie by BabaGim. Die manier waarop jy uit persoonlike ervarings voorbeelde gedeel het en ook hoe jy almal elke week so welkom laat voel het is opreg waardeer. My vriendin begin môre met BabaGim klassies en na ek haar alles vertel het- kan hulle ook nie meer wag nie. Geniet die nuwe groepie mammas en babas!
    Marlize Sturlic, Eversdal
  • Fatima Dabhelia, Lenasia
    Zharina is the best! We have benefitted and learned a lot from her. We had the most wonderful experience at BabyGym! I definitely recommend BabyGym and Zharina for baby development.
    Fatima Dabhelia, Lenasia
  • Lucille Gomes, Durbanville Hills
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank BabyGym, and our most caring BabyGym Instructor, Charlotte Gouws, for a wonderful experience. Deciding to attend BabyGym was the best thing ever! I have 2 beautiful BabyGym frames with BabyGym graduation photos of myself, Anna and Granny Maria. Framed with these photos are Anna’s BabyGym milestone certificates which we will treasure forever. We can’t wait to share these precious memories with her when she is older. Charlotte’s passion, guidance, and advice was superb, I would recommend her classes to anyone! THANK YOU!
    Lucille Gomes, Durbanville Hills
  • Natanja Du Toit, Tzaneen
    Dit was n heerlike ervaring. Die geleentheid om ander mammas te ontmoet en selfs vriende te raak is fantasties. Ek is n nuwe mamma en hierdie inligting is van onskatbare waarde! Baie dankie dat julle die geleentheid skep vir ons om te leer.
    Natanja Du Toit, Tzaneen
  • Natasha Demetriou, Durbanville Hills
    “Thoroughly enjoyed the BabyGym classes. I also attended the classes with my first child and feel that they have had long term benefits as I diligently practiced what I had learnt at home.”
    Natasha Demetriou, Durbanville Hills
  • Veruschka Roodt, Brakpan
    Die babamassering wat ek by BabaGim geleer het was van groot waarde vir my. Tydens die tweede week van BabaGim was my baba rustig genoeg dat ek die volle massering kon voltooi met hom, waar hy voorheen vir net n gedeelte van die massering sou stil lê. Die massering is ideaal om hom te kalmeer voor slapenstyd en help ook defnitief om winde te verlig. Dit was juis tydens BabaGim dat my baba begin kruip het en ek is van mening dat die massering bygedra het tot sy ligaamsbewuswording wat hom gedryf het om te begin kruip.
    Veruschka Roodt, Brakpan
  • Laureen Pitout, Tzaneen
    Our beautiful little Lente graduated today! We have learnt so much in such a short time and I am proud to say that my little girl is part of your institution. Thank you BabyGym.
    Laureen Pitout, Tzaneen
  • Kerstin Henckert, Windhoek
    When my little boy Patrik started crawling, he always crawled with his left leg out, in a 'ready to walk stance' (external rotation, abduction). Being a Physiotherapist I knew that for further development it was very important for him to crawl correctly (on all fours). Trying everything in my power and knowledge to get him to crawl correctly, I just couldn't get it right. So I contacted a friend of mine who I knew did BabyGym. Patrik and I went for a crawling class to Margit and she showed me a lot of exercise to do with him. The best tip for correcting the crawl was to crawl through a tunnel. We practiced a lot of crawling through the tunnel, the tunnel being narrow- he just couldn't put his leg out to the side and thus was forced to crawl correctly. I also did a lot of the cross-over exercises with him and after only 2 weeks he was crawling like a champion. Thanks to BabyGym , I now know that my little boy has perfected each development stage!
    Kerstin Henckert, Windhoek
  • Preshanie Maharaj Bhagaloo, Emmarentia
    Hi Melodie, you are one in a zillion, your wisdom, your knowledge and resilient outstanding personality and outlook on life is inspiring, I am truly honored and blessed to have learnt so much from you in your training and your books. Thank you so much for your time and all that you do to help teachers and parents to bring out the best in our children. " Children are like wet concrete, whatever falls on them makes an impression."
    Preshanie Maharaj Bhagaloo, Emmarentia
  • Luis and Emma Mendes, Fourways
    My baby boy, Levi, my husband and myself completed BabyGym 2 and would highly recommend it. Before returning back to work after maternity leave, I wanted to do something special with Levi that would benefit him and build our confidence as first time parents. Levi was 5 months old when we started BabyGym and it was amazing to see how he grew and developed and reached his milestones as best he could. Our instructor was passionate and knowledgeable. She created a welcoming and relaxed environment that made us feel more at ease when Levi cried! My husband and I feel empowered and more confident and we find ourselves building the techniques we learnt in class into our daily routine and play time. Thank you for the classes, we will definitely miss spending our Saturday mornings with BabyGym!
    Luis and Emma Mendes, Fourways
  • Farusha Mias, Kyalami
    Joanne was a lovely BabyGym Instructor, she is great with the mums and babies and made every class peaceful and informative. We just love BabyGym and wish it was longer than 5 lessons! The classes and activities are simple and wonderfully explained as to how it benefits baby. Absolutely special to be able to interact with baby and help her develop.
    Farusha Mias, Kyalami
  • Celeste Coetzer, Centurion
    I did BabyGym with my firstborn and was so glad to hear that Rentia was still involved with the programme when my second was born. Rentia truly has a wonderful way of presenting the classes and her passion for the programme and whole brain development is clearly visible. She is always willing to share her knowledge and experiences and gives practical advice on how to implement the BabyGym guidelines in your daily routine. I will surely recommend her classes for all new moms.
    Celeste Coetzer, Centurion
  • Ashana Harryparsad, Midrand
    The classes were excellent, the Instructor was able to come to my home for the classes and I have already recommended BabyGym to another friend.
    Ashana Harryparsad, Midrand
  • Anine Graham, Mossel Bay
    “Magda was an amazing BabyGym Instructor, she truly has n passion for what she does. I wish we could continue to go to BabyGym every week, we enjoyed it very much!”
    Anine Graham, Mossel Bay
  • Claudio, Kelly-Ann and Willow-Ann, Springs
    I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this amazing experience with our baby baby girl! BabyGym has helped us to read and understand our baby and this has been very valuable to us as first time parents. BabyGym has encouraged my husband to play and interact with our little girl and I have learnt the importance of small everyday activities that are so crucial for development. Thank you to our BabyGym Instructor, we really loved the whole experience. You are an amazing teacher and seeing you with your baby really showed us what an amazing mother you are!
    Claudio, Kelly-Ann and Willow-Ann, Springs
  • Elaine, Wes-Kaap
    Hi Melodie, ek is 'n oud-onderwyseres en Mamma, luister gereeld na Groeipyne op RSG en wil net sê dankie vir die LIEFDE wat uit jou stem straal, dit is so verrykend, meer as die kosbare inligting wat jy deel. Die inligting kom van "buite" maar die liefde in jou stem is so "eg".
    Elaine, Wes-Kaap
  • Margo Ueckermann, Nelspruit
    “Very good and helpful experience. Enjoyed it all! Our Instructor, Sanett, is lovely!”
    Margo Ueckermann, Nelspruit
  • Chantelle Smit-Kotze, Durbanville
    Hi BabaGim, ek stuur graag die video sodat jul kan sien hoe mooi en vinnig Aiden geleer kruip het na die BabaGim kruipklassie in Maart. Soos jul weet, het hy al so bietjie tekens begin toon van kruip voor die klassie, maar dit was vir my asof hy nog nie lekker verstaan het hoe alles werk nie. Gedurende die klassie het ons regtig baie oulike oefeninge geleer om hoe hulle te help sodat hulle die regte konneksies kan maak. Hy het dieselfde middag nog begin kruip! Dis asof n skakelaartjie in sy breintjie aangeskakel is en ta-da hy kruip. Dit gaan nou al vreeslik goed met die kruipery en mens moet omtrent agter hom aanhardloop om by te bly
    Chantelle Smit-Kotze, Durbanville
  • Karola Marais, Windhoek
    Joining BabyGym was the best decision I made for our two girls. Every day I can see how they learn and how alert they are. I have attended the BabyGym programme 3 times and every time I learn something new. Nita is an awesome instructor and always willing to help. BabyGym 2 is fantastic, however I would recommend BabyGym 1 to all parents too - especially for the dads. Since my husband attended BabyGym 1 he sees things in a different light and understands the benefits of BabyGym. Thanks for all the loving care for both our daughters!
    Karola Marais, Windhoek
  • Anzette Pohl, Tzaneen
    Ek kan nie in woorde beskryf hoe ‘GREAT’, ‘AWESOME’, FANTASTIES Daneke Coetser is nie. Haar geduld, sprankelende persoonlikheid en passie kan mens nie omsit in woorde nie, beste BabaGim Instrukteur! Altyd bereid om te help, altyd beskikbaar al is dit net om te spog dat my seuntjie iets reggekry het en altyd ‘n antwoord as ek iets gevra het. Sy laat almal welkom voel en sonder niemand uit nie.
    Anzette Pohl, Tzaneen
  • Anica Brown, Garsfontein
    “Excellent course to attend for first time mothers. Would highly recommend BabyGym to parents interested in their child’s development.”
    Anica Brown, Garsfontein
  • Charmaine Olivier, Nelspruit
    BabyGym changed my mothering. I felt more confident and empowered in the way I handled my baby on a daily basis. Was also great meeting other mothers, and having a wonderful instructor to discuss concerns with. Although I probably missed 50% of what was said in class (baby keeps you busy during class and not to mention being sleep deprived!), you still remember enough to apply at home. It was a wonderful experience!
    Charmaine Olivier, Nelspruit
  • Henrike en Zarike Fourie, Welkom
    My man het vir Rudine Ferreira, ons naaste BabaGim Instrukteur, inderhaas en moedeloos gebel om te smeek vir hulp, beide ma en sussie was goed in trane.  Ons het ons eerste konsultasie bespreek en gebid dat dit die regte ding sal wees. Min het ons geweet dat hierdie besluit juis ons en ons pragtige dogtertjie se lewe sou verander. Met ons eerste besoek het Rudine soveel insig gegee oor wat ons verwagtinge moet wees en hoe mens jou lewe beter kan beplan. Ons het geleer hoe haar brein werk en ook dat mens talle dinge kan doen om haar leerproses te verryk.  Ek het geleer om Zarike te masseer en so tussen al die huil en baklei deur, het ons stadig op die regte paadjie gekom. Tydens ons eerste besoek kon ons dogtertjie nog nie op haar eie regop-sit nie. Met ons aankoms tuis het ek dit wat Rudine vir my geleer het herhaal en binne sekondes was daar 'n groot verskil, my kind was 'n engel! Sy het daardie selfde dag 2 ure in die middag geslaap, sonder 'n geluidjie- en slaap was van daar af ook nie meer 'n probleem nie. Ons is 2 weke later terug vir nog 'n klas en toe kon sussie reeds self regop-sit. Binne 'n maand het my kind geleer om te sit, self van lê af regop te sit en ook te begin kruip. Ons kon ook meer oomblikke van rus en stilte beleef, omdat sy meer tevrede en gelukkig was. Zarike kruip nou voluit, en trek haarself teen absoluut alles op. Te danke aan Rudine en die BabaGim klasse, kan ek vandag met 'n geruste hart sê dat ek die kind het waarvan ek nog altyd gedroom het, selfs nog voor sy daar was. Ek loop elke dag en vertel hoe BabaGim, en ons ontmoeting met Rudine, ons lewens en veral Zarike se lewe, verander het. Met baie dankbaarheid in my hart, weet ek ook nou ek is 'n goeie mamma.
    Henrike en Zarike Fourie, Welkom
  • Zinette Cronje, Centurion
    Rentia is such a caring and knowledgeable person! This is my second time attending her BabyGym classes and we loved it! She truly makes everyone feel comfortable and makes you trust your instincts. Thank you Rentia!
    Zinette Cronje, Centurion
  • Marilyn Fourie, Wesselsbron
    Op 15 maande wou my seuntjie niks weet van loop nie. Hy het op twee verskillende geleenthede gewys dat hy wel kan loop, maar dit was asof hy net nie die moed gehad het om weer te probeer nie. Hy was bang vir alles en wou niks nuut probeer nie- heetsy kos, speelgoed of nuwe mense- hy het net geweier om te probeer. Op 15 maande het 'n 'goeie nag' beteken hy het 'net' 5 keer wakker geword. Meeste aande was hy tot 8 keer wakker. Die slapeloosheid het sy tol emosioneel en fisies geeis. Ek sien toe op Facebook van die BabaGim program en ek het dadelik met die naaste BabaGim Instrukteur kontak gemaak. Teen die derde sessie was my seuntjie 'n ander kind. Hy het onder andere saam geruik en selfs geproe aan dit wat ons voor hom neergesit het en sowaar- na ons weeklikse BabaGim klassie het hy opgestaan en geloop, so asof hy dit al vir maande lank doen! Dankie aan ons BabaGim Instrukteur en die BabaGim program, ek sien steeds daagliks hoe my kind ontwikkel en dit is als te danke aan julle program!
    Marilyn Fourie, Wesselsbron
  • Esha Mansingh, Bedfordview
    “Marlie was a great and very accommodating Instructor. Our BabyGym experience was personal, interactive, fun and all about the baby - which was great!”
    Esha Mansingh, Bedfordview
  • Taro Dickinson, Pietermaritzburg
    “Absolutely loved my time with Lyn! Cannot wait to take baby no 2 for BabyGym one day!”
    Taro Dickinson, Pietermaritzburg
  • Ashley Gerrand, Monte Vista
    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole BabyGym experience. Our BabyGym Instructor, Chantelle Joubert-Kaal, was fantastic and made it very memorable. I would highly recommend this programme to new mom’s!
    Ashley Gerrand, Monte Vista
  • Polokwane
    “Rika was wonderful and I am looking forward to doing more BabyGym classes with her! My little one was struggling with constipation and Rika spent some extra time to assist me with the colon massage. Meghan and I really enjoyed the BabyGym classes!
  • Karen Nel, Windhoek
    BabyGym with Nita - can definitely only be recommended! Fun and interactive way to learn about the development of these tiny humans entrusted into our care while at the same time providing a fun outing for mommy and baby in a baby friendly environment! Nita has so much passion for what she does and for each and every baby that attends one of her courses - not just for the duration of the course but also above and beyond. Attending BabyGym has given me a fresh outlook on baby and child development as well as confidence to take on the challenges and developments which are happening in abundance during baby's first few years. 2nd time around with baby #2 has been just as valuable and informative especially to make up for what was missed (thanks, mommy brain!) the first time.
    Karen Nel, Windhoek
  • Bibi Ayesha Patel, Lenasia
    “I simply loved BabyGym with Zharina! She’s passionate, friendly, enthusiastic, patient and her love for what she does shines through. I will miss my weekly BabyGym classes with Zharina, but I will implement all that I’ve learnt at BabyGym for my little one and will definitely recommend BabyGym with Zharina to everyone!”
    Bibi Ayesha Patel, Lenasia
  • Yolande Burger, Windhoek
    Deciding to join BabyGym in Windhoek was the best decision ever. The information is astonishing! Nita is warm and friendly and super passionate. I hope EVERY mommy and baby in Windhoek joins BabyGym. The programme was very interesting and I learnt a lot, even about myself! Numerous things make more sense now. Thank you for 5 wonderful weeks!
    Yolande Burger, Windhoek
  • Minette Swart, George
    “Joanie was absolutely fantastic, the way she explained the theory was exceptional. Enjoyed her experience and input so much. Highly recommend BabyGym with Joanie!”
    Minette Swart, George
  • Cheralee and Brandon Vermaak, Edenvale
    “We enjoyed BabyGym very much. Dexter enjoyed the sensory stimulation most and laughed a lot when he explored different textures with his hands. We also enjoy our bonding time at home when massaging Dexter. I also see how he is developing and now know what I can do to help him to develop well”
    Cheralee and Brandon Vermaak, Edenvale
  • Monika Chester, Benoni
    I thoroughly enjoyed attending BabyGym and so did Mila - I have seen the positive growth and I have a very happy and content baby. Natalia made the classes easy to understand and her practical teaching was great. I look forward to continuing these activities with Mila and seeing her further development.
    Monika Chester, Benoni
  • Anna-Marie Snyman, Pietermaritzburg
    “Lyn was amazing! Loved all the information she shared with us. She went above and beyond what was expected of her.”
    Anna-Marie Snyman, Pietermaritzburg
  • Heska & Ryno Prins, Mooi Nooi
    Wat 'n absolute plesier! Ek en my man het 'n BabaGim1 klas bygewoon en dit was 'n heerlike ervaring! Dit vat ook so bietjie die angstigheid weg wat mens het omdat mens nie heeltemal weet wat om met 'n eerste baba te verwag nie. En voila! BabaGim werk! Ek voel my baba seuntjie het beslis 'n voorsprong in die lewe omdat ek direk na geboorte met die massering begin het. Ook help die kalmerings- en borsvoed tegnieke onmenslik baie! Baie baie dankie aan ons Instrukteur, Cozette Laubser, wat vir ons die klas aangebied het, ons is oneindig dankbaar vir jou. En dankie BabaGim, jou lekker ding! BabaGim 2 klasse sien ons beslis binnekort!
    Heska & Ryno Prins, Mooi Nooi
  • Jolinda Marais, Tzaneen
    My mamma-hart loop oor van trots. Leah se nekkie het ongelooflik ontwikkel met slegs 1 week se BabaGim oefeninge. BabaGim is ‘n moet vir alle babas. Ek en Leah geniet dit so en ons as ouers sien duidelike resulate. Dankie Charlene dat jy ons so motiveer en inspireer om ons babas optimaal te laat ontwikkel.
    Jolinda Marais, Tzaneen
  • Gerna de Jager, Windhoek
    "Nita is ongelooflik passievol oor BabaGim en dit kom oor in die manier hoe sy dit aanbied. Ek is ‘n 2de keer Mamma (het met 1ste kind ook BabaGim gedoen) en het weer vreeslik baie geleer!"
    Gerna de Jager, Windhoek
  • Sam Watson, Pietermaritzburg
    “Absolutely amazing time with Lyn at BabyGym. We loved every minute of it!”
    Sam Watson, Pietermaritzburg
  • Mi-Jean Meiring, Potchefstroom
    Die BabaGim klassies was ‘n fees, selfs vir ‘n tweede keer, het ons dit vreeslik geniet… Ek kon wraggies niks van die eerste keer onthou nie. Dankie Lelani!
    Mi-Jean Meiring, Potchefstroom
  •  Yolanda Davis, Richards Bay
    “The BabyGym classes are very informative. Great to learn new techniques and ways to help my baby to develop.”
    Yolanda Davis, Richards Bay
  • Mommy Annika, Harrismith
    Mommy Annika and baby Derik Papenfus (5 months) attended BabyGym in 2013. He was a very happy and healthy breastfed baby with no concerns. Mommy Annika was a first time mom and enjoyed motherhood tremendously. She however arrived on that particular day and was desperate- Derik refused to drink (for the 2nd day in a row) and although he was very hungry and restless, he refused to latch onto the breast. When he did latch, he would feed for only a few seconds and would pull away looking unhappy. She tried everything and considered all possibilities- her diet, her clothes, her fabric softener, her body lotion, his general health, changes in and around their home... she could not understand what the matter was, and was starting to consider a formula feed from a bottle. I was amazed that Derik's odd feeding behavior coincided with week 3 of the BabyGym programme, because in week 3 we focus on smell, taste and feeding- God's timing, I suppose! Annika did all week 3's BabyGym activities in class and one could see Derik becoming more and more frustrated, we were stimulating his suckling reflex after all! Mommy Annika was hesitant to put him on her breast as she was sure that he would just reject it again, BUT he latched beautifully and started to feed! In fact he kept on feeding for the remainder of the the class, which was 20 minutes. She was so surprised, and I was a little surprised too! Derik fed like a dream and was so satisfied that he fell asleep soon thereafter. When I checked in with them later that week he was still feeding very well and mom was a little more peaceful as she was now equipped with feeding exercises should they face a similar feeding challenge again.
    Mommy Annika, Harrismith
  • Elfriede du Plessis, Hermanus
    I have heard so many good things about BabyGym and was very keen to try this with my baby when we visited South Africa. And what a pleasant experience it was! I was so clueless as to how and when I should stimulate my baby girl in order for her to reach her milestones. Liezl Blom, our BabyGym Instructor, made each session so much fun while we learned to develop each of the senses, which in the end will help her to reach each milestone with ease. Liezl explained the reason behind each activity and it is very easy to incorporate it in our daily play time. We truly enjoyed every session and the interaction with other moms and babies. BabyGym is a must for mom and baby!
    Elfriede du Plessis, Hermanus
  • Anonymous, Roodepoort
    We really feel that this was a truly professional experience. The BabyGym Instructor, Marsoné, has a clear passion for not only the principles of BabyGym but also developing children. She not only delivered the class very well but also gave insights into her own personal experience.
    Anonymous, Roodepoort
  • Myrna Viviers, Bethlehem
    Celeste was amazing. She has such a passion for BabyGym and the babies. Both our nanny and I attended the 5 week programme and Celeste made sure that we were both comfortable with the content and answered all our questions perfectly. She really went above and beyond. We had so much fun and laughed a lot. BabyGym was definitely one of the highlights of my maternity leave and such a special experience to share with my son.
    Myrna Viviers, Bethlehem
  • Ronesia Paulse, Stellenbosch
    “I am a very satisfied mommy and so fortunate to have experienced BabyGym. I would recommend this program to all parents. Thank you Anneri, and keep up the great work BabyGym!
    Ronesia Paulse, Stellenbosch
  • Mutsa Mthombeni, Greenstone
    We thoroughly enjoyed our sessions with Carol, she was a patient and knowledgeable Instructor and provided us with a lot of tools to help our twins achieve and prepare for their milestones. It was also great bonding time and has helped us make playtime more fun and constructive towards developing their brains.
    Mutsa Mthombeni, Greenstone
  • Anonymous father, Sedgefield
    In 2010 I attended BabyGym with my baby girl and at the time my wife had severe post natal depression, and as part of my efforts as a father I used BabyGym to give our little girl extra stimulation she might have needed. It turned out to be very beneficial for her and we had a lot of fun. As the only male in the meetings I stood out a bit, but it turned out not to be a problem at all. We have recently had a little boy, and this time thank God, my wife is unaffected and doing great. We would love to attend BabyGym once again.
    Anonymous father, Sedgefield
  • Revonne Dreyer, Bloemfontein
    “Thank you for the wonderful experience Diamari, I loved every minute of the BabyGym classes.”
    Revonne Dreyer, Bloemfontein
  • Karlien Radford, Roodepoort
    It was an amazing experience, precious bonding time with baby and meeting other moms and babies. I am sad that it ended. I met wonderful moms and babies! Marsoné our instructor was really knowledgeable and it was nice to look forward to the classes every week.
    Karlien Radford, Roodepoort
  • Katrien van Zyl, Durbanville Hills
    “Our Instructor, Charlotte Gouws, was excellent, she has many years experience and was recommended by a variety of moms. I loved the BabyGym course and my baby went from lying down to signs of crawling in only 5 weeks’ time!”
    Katrien van Zyl, Durbanville Hills
  • Claudia Venter, Potchefstroom
    "Like with my first child, BabyGym has been a wonderful and rewarding experience!"
    Claudia Venter, Potchefstroom
  • Mamma en Baba Sjenezke
    Sjenezke was 4 wekies prematuur en het reeds met BabaGim begin net 3 wekies na haar geboorte. Alhoewel sy baie kleiner was as die res van die babas in die klas het mamma baie toegewyd die oefeninge versigtig en gereeld herhaal. Reeds teen week 3 was daar al sterker nekspiertjies en na afloop van die 5 weke kon Sjenezke haar koppie al amper net so goed beheer soos n voltermyn baba. Hierdie was net weereens n bewys dat BabaGim regtig werk!
    Mamma en Baba Sjenezke
  • Olivia Marshall, Rivonia
    Lisa was very thorough in her teaching and explanations and added some humor to the class, which was great! We felt relaxed in the class and left feeling more confident about the arrival of our firstborn.
    Olivia Marshall, Rivonia
  • Elmi Ndlovu, Windhoek
    I loved every minute of BabyGym. I learned that I have an important role to play in my child's overall development. I see Riley respond to the various activities and massages we were taught, and I absolutely love seeing her reach her milestones. Nita is a fun and knowledgeable instructor and she puts a lot of effort into each of her classes. I will definitely recommend BabyGym to all my mommy-friends!
    Elmi Ndlovu, Windhoek
  • Odilile Ayodele, Sandton
    I loved the class. I found that many of the things I learned for my baby I could adapt for my 4.5 year old.
    Odilile Ayodele, Sandton
  • Melissa Marojevic, Hermanus
    “I think BabyGym is an excellent program and I thoroughly enjoyed attending it. Liezl was an excellent Instructor, you can see that she loves and enjoys presenting BabyGym. When we missed a class due to my baby being sick, she was extremely helpful. She followed up almost daily to see if he was well, and to reschedule the missed class in order for us to complete the program. I really appreciated that!”
    Melissa Marojevic, Hermanus
  • Annelize Deetlefs, Polokwane
    I would just like to send an email to say thank you for such a wonderful BabyGym experience. Our Instructor was wonderful and she really helped me to understand my baby better, what to do and when to do it. My baby is a lot more relaxed and friendly since I started the BabyGym classes. I would like to thank the institute for training such a wonderful Instructor, she makes us feel at home and it's just such a great environment to be in, and no questions are ever too tiresome. Thank you so much for a great experience, my baby and I are enjoying every moment we spend in class.
    Annelize Deetlefs, Polokwane
  • Liezl Owen, Fourways
    I absolutely loved this course. Being a mother for the first time is a scary thing but attending these classes helped me to work more confidently with my baby and in such a way help her develop. Our BabyGym Instructor was amazing and it was great to see how passionate she is about BabyGym! LOVE HER! I am so glad I came across BabyGym and that I was able to complete it and spend some fun and quality time with my little one. I also find the course affordable and receiving the notes afterwards is also a big help. Thank you BabyGym for the wonderful insight and information! It is going to make a huge difference in my and my baby's life! Please keep up the great work! I am a huge fan!  
    Liezl Owen, Fourways
  • Suné van Wyk, Three Rivers
    “We enjoyed every class! We absolutely love doing the BabyGym massage every night, and our baby girl loves it even more! We can now help her to explore her own little body. Thank you Jill for helping us so that we can help our little girl. We love BabyGym!”
    Suné van Wyk, Three Rivers
  • Liza Pieters, Centurion
    “It was fantastic to connect with other moms and their babies. Our Instructor was very knowledgeable and helped me to gain confidence in handling my baby. I also loved all the fun activities we learned in BabyGym. It is great to know that my baby is getting all the right stimulation while we play! Thank you BabyGym!”
    Liza Pieters, Centurion
  • Luchka van Wyk, Three Rivers
    Jill is fantastic in presenting the BabyGym classes and all the props she uses adds to the experience. I will definitely recommend BabyGym with Jill to all new parents and their babies. The things we learned helped us to notice so many things that we weren’t even aware of. Thank you so much for this experience Jill. It was a learning opportunity and an investment in our little one’s life. And most importantly, the dads felt welcome and included too.
    Luchka van Wyk, Three Rivers
  • Nettie Herbst, Potchefstroom
    "My baby was 3 weeks old when we started BabyGym and before we started the program my baby seemed to be very stiff. As we started to massage and the days went by my son became more relaxed, sleeping patterns were developed as he would sleep longer hours and not be so restless as he was before we started the BabyGym programme. Such a lovely experience it was to witness how a small human can become so active through stimulation. Basically, because of BabyGym, a nappy change is now a challenge because my baby moves his hands and legs all over the place, BUT I love it! Lelani, our BabyGym Instructor, is extremely friendly and professional. She was always willing to give advice and answer all our questions to the best of her abilities. She is well equipped and provided a service that I'd rate 100%. I will definitely be attending all further classes from here on. We can't wait!"
    Nettie Herbst, Potchefstroom
  • Jolandi Griessel, Durbanville Hills
    Absolutely excellent programme, setting the right foundation to build a better brain. Being a first time mommy I now feel that I have the necessary skills to stimulate my little girl age appropriately and to ensure that the time we spend together makes a valuable contribution to her future. Charlotte was an EXCELLENT instructor - she is so knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to assist and support her clients.
    Jolandi Griessel, Durbanville Hills
  • Lizelle Booysen, Polokwane
    Ek het BabaGim vreeslik geniet en as mamma baie geleer ek kon alles op 'n maklike en effektiewe wyse by die huis toepas. Die BabaGim-program en ons BabaGim Instrukteur het my ongelooflik baie geleer. Ek voel as mamma het ek vir my kind die beste grondslag kon bied. Baie dankie vir 'n wonderlike effektiewe program en goed opgeleide Intrukteurs. Dankie aan ons Instrukteur ook vir haar toewyding tot ons kinders se ontwikkeling.
    Lizelle Booysen, Polokwane


aan ons Afrikaanse ouers en vriende

Dr Melodie de Jager, die stigter van BabaGim®, is trots Afrikaans en so ook die meerderheid van ons Instrukteurs-span. Ter wille van toeganklikheid is al ons amptelike kommunikasie in Engels, maar u is welkom om ons verhoudingsbestuurder te kontak, sou u verkies om u navraag in Afrikaans te rig:
Lelani Brand-Labuschagne 082 301 5860   |

BabaGim klassies word landswyd in Afrikaans en Engels aangebied en ons leesstof is ook in beide tale beskikbaar.

BabaGim 1 word tydens swangerskap bygewoon. 3 Ure in totaal.


  • ‘n Wondergevulde perspektief op hoe swangerskap, geboorte en die eerste 4 maande van jou baba se lewe hul sensoriese-, brein- en spierontwikkeling beïnvloed.
  • Die ontwikkelingsdoel van ‘n natuurlike geboorte word in detail bespreek.
  • Praktiese hulpmiddels: Die aanleer van ‘n basiese masseringsroetine en BabaGim oefeninge om jou pasgebore baba se voeding, spysvertering en slaap te ondersteun; sowel as effektiewe maniere om koliek en refluks teen te werk.

Mamma / pappa en baba sluit by BabaGim 2 aan wanneer baba 6 weke en ouer is. Die BabaGim 2 program is ideaal vir die ouer op kraamverlof!

BabaGim 2 behels ‘n eenuur klas, eenkeer ‘n week, vir 5-agterneenvolgende weke.


  • Leer om jou baba van kop tot tone te masseer en sodoende hulle te ontspan, die tassintuig te stimuleer, en jou baba se senuweestelsel te kalmeer.
  • Leer om jou baba se sintuie te ontwaak in die natuurlike volgorde van ontwikkeling: tas, beweging en balans, reuk, smaak, gehoor en sig.
  • Leer hoe om magie-tyd pret te maak en hoe om jou kleinding se spiere sterk te maak sodat hulle kan begin beweeg!

BabaGim 2 help jou kleintjie om: te beweeg, te ontdek, spiertonus te ontwikkel en vaardighede te verfyn. BabaGim 2 is die beste voorbereiding vir die behaling van die grootmotoriese mylpale.

Na voltooing van BabaGim 2: Ferm Grondslag sal jou baba gereed wees om te vorder na BabaGim 3: Gevorderde sessies. ‘n BabaGim 3 sessie word bygewoon soos baba die relevante mylpaal nader:

  • Sit
  • Kruip
  • Staan, Steunloop en Loop
  • Sosiale- en Emosionele ontwikkeling
  • Kognitiewe ontwikkeling

Indien jy na kraamverlof terugkeer werk toe, beveel ons aan dat jy baba se versorger saambring klas toe, of ‘n plekkie by ‘Friends of BabyGym’ Training bespreek.


BabyGym 2 Firm Foundations – Make a date with your baby


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