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Funda the Ostrich {Coming soon}

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Meet Funda, the newest addition to the BabyGym family.

Funda means ‘learn’ in Zulu, and when we talk about learning, we refer to the type of learning that John Holt refers to when he says, “Children are born, passionately eager to make as much sense as they can of things around them”.

Why an ostrich you may ask? Well, the ostrich is the mascot of BabyGym, it is a reminder of the story Dr Melodie de Jager shares in the foreword of BabyGym.

“As a student, I visited an ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn. There I met a novice ostrich farmer who eagerly awaited his first hatch of ostriches. He heard them pecking away from inside the shells for days on end and feeling sorry for them, he decided to come to their rescue by merely lending a hand to make it easier for them. With a teaspoon he gently tapped in sync with the ostriches’ pecking to soften the eggshells and hasten the hatchlings’ entrance into the world. When they started breaking through the shells, he was astonished to see that they were all born with floppy necks! He waited patiently for days for their neck muscles to strengthen, but in vain. He consulted an experienced ostrich breeder, who told him that his help in minimising their struggle to get out, was what had caused their weak neck muscles. They needed the struggle to become independent, proud, strong-necked ostriches, because in the struggle lies the freedom.”

Just like these ostriches, our young babies need a lot of opportunity to discover-learn with all their senses and all their muscles. Before you reach for the electronics and fancy baby contraptions be reminded of Dr Melodie de Jager’s words, “The more physical the game, the greater the developmental gain”.

Funda is made from beautiful multicolored shweshwe material, and offers a gentle sensory experience with cellophane in the wings and a clear sounding bell in the head.

Measures approximately 50cm from top to toe.

*Kindly note, this item is made by hand. Variations in material patterns and colors might occur from time to time

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