Brain development occurs when you gradually and gently wake up all of baby’s senses and muscles in a specific sequence. No matter how clever the brain, the brain needs wide-awake senses and strong muscles to prompt the brain into action.

Learn the fundamentals of infant brain development

• BabyGym offers the insights you need to optimise the first 14 months - let’s call it brain development #101.
• BabyGym offers the reason for every exercise; we are passionate about the ‘why’s’!
• Every BabyGym class is hands-on, whether you attend online or in-person.
• BabyGym is gentle and natural.
• BabyGym does not require any equipment.
• BabyGym includes any and all caregivers: parents, nannies, grannies, au pairs and ECD educators.

BabyGym is not a stimulation class, BabyGym is a lifestyle!

At BabyGym, we believe:

• Life is the playground.
• The parent is the child’s first teacher.
• All of life is a learning opportunity.
• The best and easiest way to learn is using as many senses and muscles as possible, at one time, age appropriately.
• The developmental reward of BabyGym lies in the repetition that takes place over time, long after the classes have ended!

BabyGym supports the development and repair of the most fundamental brain wiring. This makes BabyGym exceptionally effective when used alongside other therapies.


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