Cozette Laubser, Linden

I have been affiliated with the BabyGym Institute for 14 years and every year I learn something new about myself, about the wonder of the human body and the miracle of new life. Being part of the BabyGym team requires that you be open to learning – new content, new skills and new challenges. It is a path that challenges you, but it is a marvelous journey and the support and camaraderie amongst BabyGym Instructors makes it a life-changing and exciting experience. The learning BabyGym offers happens first and foremost in you as an individual and then in your own family, before it is transferred to your BabyGym clients – this makes the BabyGym journey a deeply personal and satisfying experience. BabyGym has opened up both my heart and my head to a lifetime of learning. In the last year I have furthered my studies as a Childbirth Educator and Doula as I wanted to understand the steps before BabyGym – pregnancy and birth; and Dr Melodie de Jager’s work has given me a tremendous advantage in this new (and complimentary) career path - understanding the working of the human being as a whole has made my studies an enriching and enjoyable experience! Dr Melodie de Jager and her team strike a beautiful balance between offering evidence-based information whilst still keeping the child at the forefront of it all. BabyGym is a wonderful foundation for anything and everything that follows. Advanced BabyGym Instructor for 6 years, Play Learn Grow Facilitator, Childbirth Educator, Doula

Geraldine Consani, Bellville

When I added this amazing BabyGym course to what I offer I have seen a huge improvement with the parents’ awareness of what we as parents should do with our babies from day one. I have school going children returning for their injections done at my clinic and bringing along with them their school reports. There I see how they are excelling all round. I am passionate about BabyGym. It is an amazing course! BabyGym Instructor for 13 years, Breastfeeding Consultant, Infant Massage Instructor

Lynette van Wyk, Port Elizabeth

What I enjoy most about my BabyGym classes is to hear about the difference BabyGym makes in the lives of our babies and their parents – from something as small as the grasping reflex that is more prominent to big things like babies going off their constipation medicine and sleeping so much deeper or babies who started crawling, for example. But apart from that, it is the difference it will make to their future development and the pride the parents take when the babies develop milestones like rolling. There is no better job in this world. It is so rewarding. BabyGym Instructor for 9 years, Educator, Lecturer, Play Learn Grow Facilitator, Toddler’s Workshop Owner

Joanie Strauss, George

Being a BabyGym Instructor means I get to witness the miracle of life on an ongoing basis. It also means I get to journey with precious parents and their babies, while I still get to be a full-time mom to my 3 beautiful boys. I experience challenges and joy with each and every BabyGym baby and this invites me to keep on growing and learning, both as an individual and as a professional. BabyGym Instructor for 8 years, Non-Practising Attorney

Lyn Wade, Pietermaritzburg

I am a Private Nurse Practitioner running a Well Baby Clinic and doing BabyGym classes has not only taught me a lot but it’s also enhanced my Clinic tremendously. I get so much pleasure being able to share this knowledge with the new moms and seeing them graduating at week 5 they leave with a lot more confidence. It is so rewarding watching the little ones grow and develop. BabyGym Instructor for 5 years, Private Nurse Practitioner

Monique Pieterse, Roodepoort

There isn’t a more joyful and humble experience than seeing how babies grow into their own unique personality while reaching each milestone. As an Early Childhood Educator and School Readiness Assessor, I love and value the stages of each child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. Being a BabaGym Instructor and laying the Firm Foundation as a head start for these developmental growths is an absolute blessing and to see how each baby develops while creating a special bond with their parents, makes being a BabaGym Instructor an incredible journey. BabyGym Instructor for 10 months, Early Childhood Educator, School Readiness Assessor

Daneke Coetser, Tzaneen

As a beauty therapist I always loved interacting with different people, however, BabyGym has confirmed my true passion in life - mothers and babies. The opportunity BabyGym has given me to see first-hand how parents’ bond and interact with their babies, while appreciating the first steps of development has been one of the most magical experiences of my life. BabyGym Instructor for 10 months, Beauty Therapist

Kerry Kruuse, Fourways

To me, being a BabyGym instructor means the privilege of connecting with, enriching, cheering on, helping and making a difference to an entire family unit, in whichever shape or form they come, and journeying with each of them to ensure that baby gets the loving touch and stimulation that he or she needs to become the best possible version of themselves. I have always described myself as someone who is honoured to come into the lives of parents and share with them the knowledge that was given to me when I became a parent for the first time. There is so much overwhelming information out there and I feel I am able to help parents filter through some of it in a ‘safe’, comfortable and happy space. By teaching them to lay a solid foundation for their baby, I am also guiding them through the necessary steps to take now, so that their children are far better off by the time they reach school - a place I know that can swallow them up if they are not prepared physically, emotionally and cognitively. BabyGym Instructor for 4 years, Fourways