Mrs Nakedi Lelosa, Deputy Chief Education Specialist ( ECD), Gauteng

"The BabyGym programme serves as an extra dose of ‘fertilizer’ in the development of children. Dr Melodie de Jager is very knowledgeable about child development and puts her facts clearly."

Barbara Chambers, IBCLC CFT (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant ) and Craniosacral Fascial Therapist  (Gillespie Method)

"BabyGym has helped numerous of my clients in the fields of both Lactation Consulting as well as complementing Craniosacral Fascial Therapy. I use all three modalities for successful feeding outcomes and therefore a good breastfeeding journey for mother and baby. Dr Melodie de Jager set out to improve educational outcomes but her work stretches far beyond the successes and rewiring of the brain plasticity. She has touched the lives of educators, medical professionals and parents, improving the interactions with their babies and children. Melodie is a very special humanitarian."

Margit Karen Reiff, Biokineticist

"BabyGym is an extremely effective and fun-filled stimulation program. It is unbelievable what can be achieved through implementing the BabyGym principles in everyday life - prevention is better than cure! Dr de Jager’s literature and research in the field of child development is exceptionally valuable."

Marinda Botha, Educational Psychologist and Education Platform Owner (Multiply)

"As a mom I raised two BabyGym babies and the comments of how well developed my children are, how good their pencil grip and other fine motor skills are, how well they can listen and concentrate hasn’t stopped. As a professional in the developmental field you have a lot of book knowledge, but becoming a mom is making it a practical reality. BabyGym gave me practical things to do that I didn’t even need equipment for. Melodie has a way of bringing theory to life and that’s exactly what she did with BabyGym."

Dr. Jo-Marie Bothma, Clinical Psychologist & Play Therapist

"BabyGym is a very effective, practical and scientifically sound programme.  Dr. Melodie de Jager made it possible for parents to feel competent and gave them powerful knowledge to act as a facilitator in their baby’s development.  I have not only experienced the wonderful progress made in the BabyGym programme over the last 15 years, but I have came to use it with my own children and noticed the enhancing effect on their overall development.  BabyGym has become a “way of living” in my practice and in my household."

Venessa T’Hart, Cotlands Programme Development Manager

"Cotlands has a long standing involvement with the BabyGym Institute and all our early learning play facilitators are trained Friends of BabyGym and implement the programme in our birth to two play groups with tremendous successful results. We rejoice with the mothers, caregivers and practitioners all from under resourced and impoverished communities who attend the birth to two play groups when they see their babies overcome their physical challenges and reach their milestones. Their “aha “moments are wonderful to witness, as they realise how their babies  benefit from the daily massage and the regular playful sensory-movement activities and are not only growing stronger but developing soundly. They are our best advocates for BabyGym. The BabyGym programme is easy to implement and for me the most significant aspect is that it is aligned to vision and aims of the South African National Curriculum Framework Most importantly the BabyGym programme enhance all the early learning developmental areas so that babies and young children can grow, develop and thrive. Dr Melodie de Jager has a wonderful talent of sharing her knowledge and extensive research on the science of brain development and how a baby grows and development in a fun, easy to comprehend, with excellent practical examples of how to implement, that no matter who her audience is. The BabyGym programme is a valuable tool that has become part and parcel of my life, professionally and personally. My family and I use the various techniques such as body mapping, rubbing ears, Vegus nerve exercise and calf muscles to deal with the daily stresses of life, particularly when stuck in traffic!"

Dr Eileen Africa, Senior Lecturer & Kinderkineticist, Department of Sport Science, Stellenbosch University

"Stellenbosch Kinderkinetics at Stellenbosch University, has had a relationship with BabyGym for the past 9 years. The course provides both practical and theoretical experience and information about babies and how to stimulate their sensory development. BabyGym also focuses on the sensory systems (vestibular, tactile, proprioception, visual and auditory) and areas of development that are essential to Kinderkinetics as a profession. This emphasis on sensory-motor integration and a bottom-up intervention approach that Mind Moves and BabyGym follow, fit perfectly into what we as Kinderkineticists stand for. We feel that BabyGym is a great addition to the Kinderkinetics programme as it increases our knowledge about babies and their development. In addition, this year’s students completed the BabyGym course at the same time as they were learning about reflexes, babies and their development. This was perfect timing! BabyGym and Kinderkinetics work well together as they both believe that physical development is the foundation for all other skills. “Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded” ~ Jess Lair


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