Margaux Mills, Expectant Parent, Linden

Very interesting and informative. I loved every topic and it has given me a lot to think about and apply to my upcoming delivery and newborn. Cozette was open and warm. Loved that she allowed for interaction and questions.

Sumayya Bulbulia, Educator, Ormonde Jhb

I found the workshop very informative. I gained new knowledge on the importance of mother and child bonding and the effect that it has on oxytocin and dopamine levels. Skin on skin and its role in emotional development, the sense of safety for a baby and social connections. I am a visual learner so the slide show and baby massage demonstration made it very enjoyable to watch. I wrote lots of notes while listening to Cozette - her pace was great and she was articulate and clear during the workshop.

Christa Roux, Medical Doctor & Expectant Parent, Centurion

It was lovely to learn só much! I love the practicality and the science behind everything. Annelien is passionate and comfortable to be around, just perfect for the learning environment.

Amy Landman, Expectant Parent, Port Elizabeth

The workshop was very informative and helpful. It made me realize the importance of our biology and letting your body do what it's made to do. Well well-presented and interesting. I really enjoyed it, thank you Seugnet!

Anina Pretorius, Childbirth Educator & Doula

It was a workshop rich in valuable information, shared in an easy, digestible format, without overcomplicating the content. It was wonderful to get insight into all the different phases and how brain development can be supported optimally. Deep wisdom that should be accessible to all working in the field of pregnancy, birth and beyond. It was great to get affirmation of what I teach and preach while deepening my knowledge with new, unknown titbits. Charne's passion and interest in the subject matter are contagious - it is exciting to witness!

Sarah Zietsman, Childbirth Educator, East London

This course offers great insight into what to expect during pregnancy and birth. The course is practical and comprehendible.  Tracey was great, her passion shines through. She answered all questions with compassion and knowledge. I can definitely recommend this workshop with Tracey!

Tanya Chant, Expectant Parent, Port Elizabeth

I feel privileged to have been given this opportunity to learn more about our baby's developing brain at this crucial time during pregnancy. Learning about up-to-date research findings on development, and especially about what we can do to help, and what pitfalls to avoid, will make a difference across her lifespan. The BabyGym exercises were a huge highlight to me - giving me a chance to practice skills to support our little girl with her emotions, digestion and regulation as she adjusts to the world outside the womb. I also loved learning about the microbiome, breastfeeding, birthing and SO much more! I was engaged throughout the workshop and will continue to reflect on what I have learnt. Lynette presented with confidence and in an easy-to-understand manner. Her warmth and acceptance allowed me to raise any questions without feeling embarrassed. She allowed lots of time for discussion while still being mindful of covering all the content within the allocated time. Loved the notes pages with helpful diagrams and sticky notes. I cannot recommend this workshop enough! Thank you.

Shannon Carlson, Therapist, Mbombela

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The content was rich and well-structured. The interactive sessions made the learning experience engaging. Soretha was not only knowledgeable but also approachable, encouraging us to ask questions and participate actively.

Johanna Grobler, Unit Manager and Midwife, Newcastle

It was well presented. The models of the baby brains were amazing! The session on Neurodevelopment was in line with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) guidelines. It was explained well - some of my colleagues who attended with me, truly grasped and understood the importance of supportive care for the first time. Naomi was well prepared. She knows her subject. Well done and thank you!

Talitha Wessels, Expectant Parent, Blouberg

This was such an incredibly informative workshop. It was amazing to learn how we can support our baby's development and make them calmer, it was also incredible to learn how the mom's body works. There is so much to learn. Loved Natalia's presentation style, she is easy to understand and really looked after us and made us feel comfortable. We feel more at ease now as first-time parents. All expectant parents should join this workshop!

Danielle TerreBlanché, Expectant Parent, Harrismith

The presentation was really well-designed and helpful. The provided interactive note pages made taking notes efficient and enjoyable. Jo-Marie is a captivating presenter and strikes a good balance between sharing the content and allowing questions and discussion. I loved the content on brain development at different ages!

Carmen Myburgh, Expectant Parent, Bloemfontein

The workshop was extremely informative and very insightful. My husband and I learnt so many things we would have never thought of. I would recommend this workshop to any expectant parents. The workshop has opened my mind and made me more mindful towards many different aspects. Anne is lovely and very genuine. She makes you feel at ease and very comfortable. One can clearly see she has a passion for this content.

Leigh-Ann Amelia Mpete, Educator, Mbombela

This workshop gave me a whole new outlook on what one needs to consider before one starts a family. Soretha was organized, prepared and had my full attention. She welcomed our questions throughout and answered with great insight and care.

Heide-Merie Verster, Kinderkineticist, Port Elizabeth

It was amazing! So insightful and so many new things that I have never even heard of before - it makes complete sense. I loved it! Lynette is so kind-hearted and passionate about teaching. She is truly inspiring.

Jacqueline Joubert, Expectant Parent, Pretoria

This was a great workshop to attend as a first-time mom. I learned a lot of new things and can't wait to help my baby develop with all this info in mind. Elanza's presentation style was fun and interactive. She presented the content in a way that was easy to understand.

Robynne Jansen van Rensburg, Educator, Bloemfontein

Incredible - the BabyGym workshop was applicable and practical. Filled with well-researched information. A definite must for every educator and parent. Anne oozes passion, wisdom and purpose. It was evident that Anne carries knowledge and experience in this field.

Karola Marais, Expectant Parent & Sleep Consultant, Windhoek

Very informative workshop, Nita is amazing!

Bernice van Heerden, Expectant Parent, Polokwane

The workshop was an incredible learning opportunity. Rika is a passionate and energetic presenter who captivates your attention.

Nadia Swart, Expectant Parent, Port Elizabeth

My husband and I joined the workshop as we are expecting our first. We were amazed by all the information regarding body and brain development. It was really an informative session that we will keep in mind when taking care of our little one. This workshop covers all the basics from preparing for the birthing of a child to those first few weeks of quality time. The highlights for me were how amazingly nature works and how important skin-to-skin contact is for mom and baby.

Caroline Jackson, Occupational Therapist, Pretoria

It was very insightful. Some of the information was known to me but not recently reviewed and the perspective of how it was delivered was great. The highlights were going over the development of the senses in utero and the bonding session. Learning the newborn massage was also very nice.  I loved Charne's presentation style - her personal stories and humour made the workshop fun and very enjoyable.

Danyon Robinson, Father-to-be, Silver Lakes

This was a very informative workshop for a father-to-be. It opened my eyes towards the needs of our little one and I feel it has equipped me to become the best parent I can be. This workshop helped me more than I thought! I'm looking forward to joining BabyGym 2 once our little one arrives. Charne was very professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Newborn Brain Essentials.

Sally Neville, Midwife, East London

I found the workshop well presented with good up-to-date information which was explained in a professional manner and easy to follow and understand. Such good insight into the incredible connection/bonding with mother as well as father with skin-to-skin and how precious and important the first hours are after birth. Always a highlight to the amazing way humans are created and everything is designed and has a function for a purpose. I enjoyed the comments and discussions we were able to have and it was good to refresh the baby massage.

Amanda Herbst, Educator, Heidelberg

Elsje presented the class with absolute professionalism! Her passion for this subject was clearly visible. Her own experiences made her class more relevant. The teaching aids used were on point and effective. We were spoilt with lovely eats and drinks. Thank you for a wonderful learning experience, it was an honour being part of this workshop!

Simone Proos, Expectant Parent, Bloemfontein

Very informative and brought a lot of insight, learnt many things I previously had no knowledge of. Anne did an excellent job in presenting and interacting with everyone.

Lente Lotter, Advanced Mind Moves Instructor, Sasolburg

Very well-researched, prepared and presented. Most valuable to give us a solid background. Cozette is professional yet informal and welcoming.

Adele De Beer, Midwife and Childbirth Educator, Pretoria

Very informative and valuable workshop. Annelien was very thorough and passionate about the workshop and the content.

Azelle Grové, Therapist, Pretoria

The workshop was insightful and interesting. I enjoyed the practical demonstration of the size of the developing baby at different weeks of pregnancy. Elanza made us feel comfortable and presented in a professional and friendly manner.

Jenny-Lee Smith, Advanced Mind Moves Instructor, Potchefstroom

I wish I had known some of this information sooner to make informed decisions regarding my own children's births. I love how Cozette describes the ideal scenario but provides alternative ways to help a baby develop and benefit optimally if things do not work out as planned. The session on the microbiome was very interesting. I would highly recommend this workshop to every expectant parent.

Megan Nel, Expectant Parent, East London

Tracey was well-prepared and very knowledgeable on the topics. I did not realize how many changes the baby goes through throughout the pregnancy until birth.

Liezel & Hannes De Beer, Expectant Parents, Heidelberg

Very informative workshop. We learnt so many new things about developing the brain and how we can assist our baby to live a better life. Loved the massaging techniques!

Chantelle van der Bijl, Medical Professional, Bloemfontein

Absolutely impressed with this evidence-based workshop. It covers all aspects of developmental and cognitive elements that parents should focus on in pregnancy and the first weeks with their newborn. Anne is passionate about the workshop content and very knowledgeable when answering questions.

Maria Dieroff, Educator, Harrismith

The workshop was very insightful and the facilitator was so professional - Jo-Marie's passion bloomed throughout the workshop. My mind was blown away by the speed at which the baby's brain grows! It was an honour to be part of this workshop. I would recommend it to every expectant parent.

Shanie Marais, Educator, Harrismith

I enjoyed this workshop and wished that I attended this workshop before I had my kids. I would recommend this curriculum to all expectant parents and Early Childhood Development (ECD) educators. This workshop has opened my mind - a lot makes more sense!

Christa Randlehoff, Neuro Coach, Bethlehem

The workshop was excellent - the info is so so needed and relevant for every parent and caregiver. We all need to know this to improve the future of children and parents. The practical side was truly needed and well presented to give the skills to participants to feel comfortable. Thank you so much for a holistic approach to help in raising a child. Celeste's facilitation style sparked interest and kept my attention till the end. A good practical ending with the massage of the babies.

Elani Visagie, NICU Nurse, Centurion

The workshop was wonderful,  I learned so much! I was stunned at the brain's development between the different gestations. I didn't have a specific highlight, the whole workshop was a highlight. Annelien was well-prepared.

Juné Coetzee, Occupational Therapist, Silver Lakes

This workshop was so insightful and relevant. I learned a lot about the baby's sensory development from conception to 6 weeks after birth. I would really recommend it to other therapists and expectant parents.

Barbara Zietsman, Occupational Therapist, Bethlehem

Very good info and application to baby’s development.

Nadia Wulff, Advanced Mind Moves Instructor, Riebeeckstad

Very informative workshop containing invaluable information. The presentation was well structured with a great balance in making the information understandable, yet scientifically sound. Cozette "knows her stuff" and delivers it very professionally. I enjoyed the personal experiences shared and the practical demonstrations. I would definitely recommend this workshop to all expecting parents as well as professionals in the industry.

Carisa Smuts, Psychologist, Port Elizabeth

Most informative, interesting and helpful. None of this was taught to us as Masters Psychology Students a few years ago. If only all expectant parents could have this opportunity. Lynette allowed time for our questions, explained everything very well, and served the best coffee and quiche during our break.

Tarina Duvenage, Expectant Mom & Nurse, Potchefstroom

I would definitely recommend this workshop to expectant parents. Gained tons of valuable insights.

Carina Snyman, Parent, Mbombela

Ek was so beindruk met die inligting wat mens deur die loop van die werkswinkel ontvang het. Dit is so goed saamgevat - ek as ouer verstaan baie dinge nou beter. Die werkswinkel voorsien die 'hoekom' en 'waarom' van dit wat jy met jou baba doen - ek het baie nuwe insigte! Ek glo daar is heelwat aspekte waarmee hospitaalpersoneel kan help om 'n positiewer ervaring vir mamma en baba aangaande te verseker.

Mariette Snyman, Wellness Journalist, Linden

Truly informative: evidence-based content offered in a warm and supportive way. Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions! For me, the highlights were learning about the links between baby brain development and mental health later in life, skin-to-skin care, and the how and why of massaging a newborn. Cozette was welcoming and inclusive. Well-paced presentation with eye-catching visuals.

Annelien Connoway, BabyGym Instructor, Linden

The selection of topics is spot on. This workshop offers a great opportunity to gain knowledge and to ask your questions. Cozette engages well with her group, creates a relaxed atmosphere and makes you feel at ease.

Sarah Jones, Midwife, Linden

Was great to have all this information reinforced.

Anuska Van der Merwe, Doula, Potchefstroom

Thank you for an enlightening workshop. The brain-body connection and baby massage techniques were a highlight.  Lelani was fun, energetic and friendly.

Janine Oelofse, Expectant Parent, Potchefstroom

I learned a lot about the importance of skin-to-skin contact and how it also helps with breastfeeding. Very insightful!

Serena McLaren, Social Worker, Polokwane

If only I had access to this information before I had my own babies. I didn't realise how important the first 2 years are for brain development and the importance of stimulation for neuro-development. The interconnection between the skin, hair, nails and teeth, with the digestive system and the nervous system was a "wow" moment for me. And then also at what ages the different brain parts develop was really interesting. I could go on and on, everything was really really interesting. Social workers often work with pregnant women, especially teenage pregnancies - this is very valuable information to have. Rika was very enthusiastic. It's clear that she is passionate about the content and knows it really well. She was professional and made you feel comfortable throughout the session.

Corlene Swanepoel, Expectant Parent, Centurion

We enjoyed learning new things about our baby and what to expect when going into labour. We learnt about topics we never even knew existed and the workshop gave us a lot of insight on what we, as new parents, can do differently to accommodate our little baby. Annelien did her utmost to ensure that we were comfortable and at ease. We enjoyed her presentation style as we could ask questions whenever we needed to.

Marlise Troskie, Parent & Nurse, Bloemfontein

It was very insightful and the presenter was excellent. Would recommend this to every parent and soon-to-be parent.

Ashleigh Da Camara, Expectant Parent, Potchefstroom

Thoroughly enjoyed the theory content and the practical experience. The workshop was really enlightening and offers first-time moms insights and confidence. Lelani presents engagingly and is easy to connect with.

Chantal Munnik, Advanced Mind Moves Instructor, Centurion

Beautiful slides. A scientifically sound curriculum. And many aha moments. Now I can approach parents with more empathy. Thank you.