Kirsten Havenga, Occupational Therapist, Online

The workshops were very informative, I learnt many new things. It was also great refreshing things I learnt while studying. I thoroughly enjoyed the real life examples our presenter, Lynette used, as well as the opportunity to share our own work experiences. I really enjoyed how interactive it was. The Play Learn Grow book is wonderful, insightful and interesting. I really enjoy the pictures in the book, it helps to visualize what is being explained in the book. Extremely beneficial, very valuable information. Highly recommended!

Wiandra Nel, Educator, Linden

"Highlights – the importance of learning from birth. The Play Learn Grow book is amazing and helpful!"

Keri Preece, Speech and Language Therapist, Online

I really enjoyed the practical examples and experiences Cozette gave to consolidate the theory. The Play Learn Grow book is user-friendly and written in a way that parents will thoroughly enjoy. Cozette's passion for her profession is wonderful and contagious! A workshop highlight was gaining different theoretical perspectives so that I can become the best possible mother, therapist and teacher.

Judilene Muller, Remedial Teacher, Online

Everything about this workshop was wonderful. As a remedial teacher I now truly understand where learning difficulties originate. I have been remediating for years without knowing that concrete learning is fundamental to learning in general. Cozette is a brilliant presenter, so passionate! The Play Learn Grow book is fantastic! I hope every mum can attend this workshop. The highlight? The whole 6 hours! Highly recommended.

Trudi Hendrikse, Opvoedkundige, Aanlyn

Dit was ontsettend insiggewend om te leer hoe elke baba- en peuter mylpaal 'n voorloper is vir skoolgereedheidsvaardighede. Ek is mal oor die Speel-Speel Slim boek. Dit bevat baie relevante inligting en is ook 'n lekker bron om te raadpleeg as mens meer oor 'n spesifieke aspek wil leer. Die hele kursus was vir my een groot hoogtepunt!

Nichole Fuls, Speech and Language Therapist, Linden

"This workshop creates lateral thinking enabling us to view the child holistically - to understand their individual needs, and apply and encourage the natural development of the child. The Play Learn Grow book is well written and is an easy-to-follow guide. Just love the visual design!"

Delena Strydom, Panorama Borsvoed Kliniek, Kaap

"Werkswinkel 1 was baie interessant en ek het ontsettend baie daaruit geleer, maar Werkswinkel 2 (mylpale) was absoluut “mind blowing”. ‘n Mens hoor gedurig van skoolgereedheid en dan wonder ‘n mens wat hulle eintlik bedoel want as die kind die regte ouderdom behaal het, behoort die kind mos reg te wees vir skool. Reg...? Verkeerd! Ek het altyd van al die baba mylpale geweet, maar nooit eintlik besef hoe belangrik dit is vir die res van ‘n kind se lewe nie. So, ek wil baie dankie sê vir Liezl Blom wat hierdie inligting op so ‘n wonderlike manier aan ons oorgedra het. Dit was iets besonders!"

Nadine Watson, Speech and Language Therapist, Linden

"Great management, well organised workshop. Our presenter, Cozette, was very knowledgeable! The Play Learn Grow book is informative and clear, AMAZING!"

Charne Claasen, Mamma, Onderwyseres en BabaGim Instrukteur

Die Speel-Speel Slim werkswinkels is fantasties! Ek wens elke onderwyser en ouer kan dit bywoon. Die Speel-Speel Slim (Geboorte tot 3) boek is ‘n wonderlike gids en ek wil dit soos konfettie uitstrooi vir almal!

Monique Prior, Occupational Therapist, Linden

"A very welcoming environment with a fabulous presenter who engages well with the group and the content. The content was thought provoking, detailed and unbelievably useful! Thank you for an informative workshop, I have grown as a therapist. Play Learn Grow book- Excellent presentation and layout of information, filled with valuable and practical theory and skills."

Jade Morris, Educator, Linden

"I enjoyed learning how the baby milestones impact school readiness"

Yumna Razak, Occupational Therapist, Online

I loved the inter-activeness of the workshop. It really helped to use the different analogies to explain how development takes place as it makes it easier to remember. Venessa, the facilitator was great. She linked the content back to real life experiences which makes the learning easier and fun! The Play Learn Grow book is informative, has a great structure, easy to read and follow. As an OT this workshop revised many basics but also offered a deeper understanding of development, especially from a parent point of view. A big highlight was the link between development in the first 3 years and school readiness, so good to know! I would definitely recommend this workshop to friends and colleagues.

Dr Barry Gerber, President SAPIK - Kinderkinetics, Potchefstroom

I would like to start off by saying, thank you for the opportunity to attend the two-day Play-Learn-Grow workshop from BabyGym presented by Lelani Brand-Labuschagne. Initially I decided to attend the workshop from a professional perspective, in order to gain new knowledge or recap on knowledge that I already had attained through the years in practice, in order to grow as an academic. However, as the workshop progressed I realised that I am gaining much more necessary and valuable information and background of babies and toddlers from a parent perspective. The workshop opened my eyes as a parent to the meaning of children’s various behaviours and how to handle or manage children effectively in different situations and during different developmental phases. The workshop is a perfect combination of theoretical background information on the biological, physiological, emotional and physical development of babies and toddlers (presented in a well-constructed and understandable manner), the practical implication of growth and maturation on their development and the strategies of how to handle or cope with last mentioned implications. The workshop, in many ways, put the adult into the life or mind of the baby / toddler in order to understand why they act or react in certain manners and that’s what stood out for me as a parent. The presenter of the workshop was comfortable and professional and she was well-educated. I recommend this workshop for every parent who has or will have a little baby or toddler as well as for professionals working in the field of paediatrics and child-development.

Laura Pakendorf, Occupational Therapist, Online

I loved the interactive nature of the workshop. The Play Learn Grow (Birth to 3) book is informative and user friendly. Highly recommended!

Annalie Bonthuys, Kaap

"Liezl, baie dankie vir die spontane, gemaklike manier waarop jy die Speel-Speel Slim werkswinkel aangebied het. Ek dink die kursus is goud werd vir elke mamma, pappa, versorger en selfs oumas en oupas. ALMAL wat insette het in babas se daaglikse sorg. Dit is goed om terug na die basiese gevat te word en dan te weet dat ons op ‘n natuurlike wyse ‘n baba kan help om mylpale te bereik. Dankie BabaGim dat jul mense bewus maak van babas se behoeftes en groei in die baie belangrike eerste jare van lewe."    

Andrea Willis, Kinder Kineticist, Online

I loved the entire workshop. I have a six month old and a 3 year old and the content was all so relevant and insightful. Cozette, the facilitator, was outstanding and so passionate, I could listen to her for many more hours, she knows so much. Absolutely LOVE the Play Learn Grow book! Highly recommend this workshop.

SR. Amanda Lindeque, Kaap

"Ek wil vir jou baie dankie sê vir die baie praktiese en regtig borrelende passie waarmee jy die werkswinkel aangebied het. Dit was vir my regtig ‘n insiggewende sessie en so mooi saam-gevat, die inligting is regtig ook met die aanbieding en die boek so mooi uiteengesit dat als logies sin maak en bymekaar inskakel. Dankie ook dat jy die vrae wat ons gestel het kon antwoord op grond van jou ondervinding en praktiese ervaring - dat mens regtig die inpak van die mylpaal ontwikkeling kan insien en verstaan. Die werkswinkel was vir my regtig baie interessant. Ek sal beslis die werkswinkel aanbeveel!"

Workshop highlights, Linden

  • “Movement is crucial. It is the ‘beginning and end’ of learning”
  • “One on one time with your child is imperative for their development”
  • “Stimulating your baby is important, but so too is helping them to calm down for restful periods”
  • “How crucial physical development is from conception to 14 months; and the importance of rolling and crawling!”
  • "A child is a work in progress, they need your guidance to unlock their full potential”

Megan Smith, Au Pair, Aanlyn

Ek het so baie geleer en goed gehoor wat ek nooit gedink het, het so groot effek nie. Ek het die interkatiewe deel - die huisie bou, uitsonderlik baie geniet. Lynette is baie profesioneel en bied alles baie lekker aan, sy betrek jou ook by die inhoud. Die Speel-Speel Slim boek is baie goed uiteengesit en beskryf elke stap van jou kind se lewe in detail. Ek het so baie geleer en is opgewonde om dit alles toe te pas. Baie dankie vir alles Lynette, dit was baie lekker en baie verrykend. Ek beveel Speel-Speel Slim werkswinkels vir kollegas, vriende en familie aan!

Andrea van Antwerpen Muller, Mamma, Aanlyn

Dit was 'n baie interessante werkswinkel - en ek het baie geleer en dit geniet! Die inhoud is aanpasbaas, interpreteerbaar en beslis relevant en bruikbaar. Lelani het moeite gedoen om ons elkeen te betrek. Die Speel-Speel Slim boek is indrukwekkend interessant! Dankie, dit was regtig lekker om te kon leer.

Lianne Prins, Mamma, Linden

Die Speel-Speel Slim werkswinkels het ‘n heel nuwe dimensie van ‘speel’ vir my geopenbaar en die praktiese toepassing daarvan duidelik gemaak. Ek besef nou ‘n kleintjie kan gelyk speel én leer tydens daaglikse interaksie met mamma en pappa... en dit is vir my wonderlik! Ek het die klein groepie geniet, dit was lekker om al die mammas se 'stories' en vrae te hoor en ook die oplossings wat spel bied, te bespreek. Die inhoud van die werkswinkels was baie, maar die voorbeelde en praktiese toepassing daarvan maak dit baie leersaam. Vir iemand wat nog nie BabaGim gedoen het nie en self nou eers swanger is, kon ek die inhoud baie goed volg- so die werkswinkels is regtig gepas vir ALMAL wat belangstel. Die inligting help ook met kleuterskool kies... dit wys net mooi hoé lekker prakties die sessies is! Die venue was lieflik en die fasiliteerder was uitstekend, ek het veral die navorsing en die gevallestudies wat Cozette met die groep gedeel het BAIE geniet! Ek beveel Speel-Speel Slim werkswinkels vir alle opvoeders, vriende en familie aan!